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Action Pack Magazine

Action Pack is a e-magazine and an awesome resource for keeping you and your kids creative and on the move.

I’ve been reading independent magazines for years, and since many moved online, I’ve been reading even more! Action Pack is one that’s caught my eye recently as it’s not only a magazine for the parents, but one for kids specifically. With this emagazine, there’s less telling my kids what to do and more of them choosing the crafts and projects we work on. It always gets them more excited, which means much more learning and fun for all of us.

I just love that Action Pack encourages a creative outlook on exploration. Having lived on a farm for over a decade with my five kids and wonderful husband, there’s always plenty to explore and tons to learn. The activities in Action Pack were crafted to help kids explore their own surroundings wherever they are.

Action Pack Magazine

Another important part of the magazine is asking questions. What would happen if I tried to paint with something besides a paintbrush? How do birds make nests? Since the magazine’s goal is to help kids have fun, they can get pretty silly with these questions. But I’ve never really had much of a problem with my ten-year-old acting silly!

Action Pack Magazine

Finally, Action Pack often includes fun ways of learning real life skills. Baking is one we’ve recently played around with, and it was nothing if not interesting. Trying to keep five kids preoccupied without too much help from video games can be tough, but it’s good to know that good resources like these are at the ready.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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