The Best Holiday Gifts for the Best Dad in the World

Image Source: Babble
Image Source: Babble

Every year, I rack my brain for the perfect gift to get my husband, a still-cool father of four. And every year, I usually end up with something completely boring.

Last year, he got a pair of boots; the year before that, a safe that we actually never got around to filling up with our important documents; the year before that, the world’s coziest sweatshirt that I promptly stole for myself.

But this year — this year, it’s going to be different. This year, I might just join the ranks of cool wives and pick up the perfect “dad gift.” Maybe. I mean, that sweatshirt is getting a bit worn …

1. Balls of Steel

Did I snort a little while writing that title? Why, yes, yes I did. Which is how I know that this gift would be perfect for any man. I mean, a fancy ice cube that doesn’t dilute your drink? That’s a win-win for anyone.
Available now for $25

2. Dollar Shave Club

For as little as one buck a month, you can give dad the gift of a luxurious monthly shave. Not too shabby (or hairy).
Available now for $1-$9 a month, plus S&H

3. Apple Watch

It’s a portable world on your wrist that tracks your movements, pays for your groceries in an instant, and even responds to your voice. Pretty handy, indeed.
Available now for $349 and up

4. Tile

If you happen to have a husband who seems to be incapable of finding anything on his own, the Tile device and corresponding app might be a gift that gives back. To both of you. Stick it on his wallet, his keys, or his favorite tie and never hear the words, “Honey, have you seen my _____?” ever again. Its one of those must-have accessories for anyone who’s prone to losing things.
Available now for $25

5. Basic Beard Kit 

A beard brush, oil, and all the facial hair balm or wax a man could dream of.
Available now for $59.99

6. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is almost like having a personal assistant, which any parent can appreciate.
Available now for $179

7. Do-Good Hanging Chair

Sturdy enough to accommodate up to 300 pounds, this hanging chair is handmade in Thailand and helps support members of a small village of the endangered Mlabri people. Plus, it’s cozy.
Available now for $175

8. North Face Running Belt

Say it with me now: it’s not a fanny pack, it’s not a fanny pack, it’s not a fanny pack.
Available now for $35

9. Stick-On Wood Mac Cover

This cover is laser-cut from real wood, and if it also helps protect his laptop from sticky little fingers, it might just be an extra perk for all. Also available as a phone case.
Available now for $85

10. Toothpaste Tube Wringer

If you have a partner who insists on wringing every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube, then this is the gift for him.
Available now for a minty-fresh $22

11. Aviators

Glare + snow + these shades = something really handsome on your favorite dad.
Available now for $113

12. Brew-Your-Own Beer Kit

This kit gives your man everything he needs to brew and bottle two gallons of beer, right from the comfort of your own home.
Available now for $62.99

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