Give Your Bedroom A Makeover Without Breaking The Bank

My husband calls me fickle or a fashion flip flopper, and honestly, he’s right. I can’t count the number of times I have wanted to give various rooms in our home a makeover of some kind. Especially our bedroom. I have given our bedroom a little facelift many times and I have gathered a few tips over the years that I would like to share with any of you who might also be in the same boat as me. So if you can’t stand your bedroom, or at least elements in your bedroom, have no fear! There are a few things you can do to totally transform your space and not break the bank doing it!

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1. The Walls

Probably the number one thing people think of when they thing of giving a room a makeover is painting the walls. Sure it can be a bit of a task to take on, but it can be pretty cheap to do yourself and it can make the room feel like a totally different space. I would suggest choosing a color that isn’t a fad color. If you have always loved orange and will always love orange, then yeah, go for it! But most of us have a favorite color of the season and we tend to get carried away and will paint a room in that color only to be sick of it a few seasons later. I’m not alone, right? In addition to painting the walls, think about everything on the walls. Adding a new mirror or giving an old mirror a makeover, or finding some new art work you love can make a huge difference! If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in some original paintings, you can find some pretty rad prints for pretty cheap that will definitely do the trick.

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2. Comforter or Duvet Cover

Whether you are a comforter kind of person or sway more towards the duvet I have one huge money saving tip for you. Go simple! Go with a solid neutral color or at most, a very subtle stripe or pattern. The problem with a bold or super bright comforter is you are way more likely to get sick of it way faster. You might love it for a while, but chances are before too long, you will hate it. Super bold patterns and colors are also hard to switch up with new pillows etc. So if possible, find a comforter that will act more as an accent color. Like gray or white. They are far easier to dress up or dress down for a little change. Plus, duvets and comforters aren’t generally cheap so you won’t want to go changing the comforter too often, right? This white duvet cover is perfect. It will go with just about anything and you can easily switch things up without having to buy all knew bedding!

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3. Throw Pillows

You would be amazed what a difference a few new throw pillows can do to freshen up the way your bedroom looks. I love the idea of adding a couple of semi-mismatched pillows onto the bed or in a reading chair in the bedroom. If you stray a little outside of your comfort zone, I am pretty confident that you will be thrilled with the outcome! For example, mixing patterns like stripes and florals can do serious wonders for the soul. No joke! And if the husband as a problem with the florals, threaten him with some floral wallpaper. That should shut him up pretty quick. I love these colorful striped pillows. The bright colors will do wonders for a drab and boring bedroom.

What do you think? Do you have any additional makeover tips for the bedroom to share? I’d love to hear!


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