Glow Art for Kids

Creating art in the dark is sure to be your child’s new favorite thing. These genius ideas all come from the super inspiring Play at Home Mom blog. With a little creativity and a black light these projects promise hours of fun for your little one. Keep reading to see more great ideas like  “glow and seek” and “glowing pipe cleaners”…


  • Glowing Balloons 1 of 10
    Glowing Balloons
    Place glow sticks inside balloons and blow them up. Kids love balloons and glow sticks. Win, win.
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  • Glow Xylophone 2 of 10
    Glow Xylophone
    Fill up glasses at different levels and place a glow stick inside. Have your child hit the glasses with another glow stick.
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  • Glow Hopscotch 3 of 10
    Glow Hopscotch
    A creative way to use glow sticks. Create rings and line them up for some old-fashioned fun.
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  • Glow-phabet 4 of 10
    Use neon stickers to fill in alphabet templates. Use with a black light for even more fun.
    See more here.
  • Glowing Letters 5 of 10
    Glowing Letters
    Have your child place the stickers in the circles. Fill up a notebook for travel fun.
    See more here.
  • Glowing Butterfly 6 of 10
    Glowing Butterfly
    Make all kinds of fun creatures and shapes with neon pipe cleaners. Turn off the lights to see them really take flight.
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  • Glow Art 7 of 10
    Glow Art
    Get a bunch of neon art supplies and have them get creative under the black light.
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  • Glow Paint 8 of 10
    Glow Paint
    Here are some directions to create some glowing paint. Let your little Picasso go to town.
    Get the recipe here.
  • Glow and Seek 9 of 10
    Glow and Seek
    Get together a bunch of glowing objects and hide them. Ready or not!
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  • Glowing Treasure Hunt 10 of 10
    Glowing Treasure Hunt
    A collection of glowing supplies for the kids to find.
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