Go Fish…Inside

JD and I live close to a pretty lake and take long walks around it almost every, single day. It’s a great place for amateur fishing–perfect for bonding with your child on balmy, summer nights. First time I took JD, he went bonkers with excitement. I couldn’t believe how still he stood and quiet he was being (well, I did “shhh!” him, telling him he’d scare the fish away).

Little boy + fishing rod, it’s no surprise that he wants to go fishing every, single day–rain, shine, or most recently, when it’s 101 degrees out. When I have to say no, I have a plan B that cuts off tears and a meltdown. My fab fishy find after the jump!

Now your kids can cast out inside. The Ecowooden Play Fishing Set features eight adorable and chubby sea creatures that have magnets embedded inside the wood (so don’t worry about them coming off and being a chocking hazard).

In our house we throw the fish in the empty bathtub, in the big spaghetti pot or right on the carpet in the living room. JD holds the fishing rod and hovers the magnetic bait over the sea creatures, one-by-one. This is excellent for coordination, exercising patience and sharing/taking turns, since we trade off sometimes.

When JD hears the magnet “click” and feels a slight tug, he reels up the catch (working those fine motor skills) and usually yells, “I did it! I try again!”

It’s a great rainy day option and even better, this product is green–handmade with up to 20 different types of wood, designed to provide stimulating texture and scent.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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