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Goat Milk is a company out of NYC that creates 100% organic underwear for children. Based on classic European styles the owners used to buy on trips to Spain, the line is refreshingly void of cartoon characters and loud color. Instead, the designs feature 100% organic cotton in pointelle and ribbed stitching, stripes, and tartans. I’d love to give their onesies as baby gifts. I also love their refreshing take on branding for a children-focused company. The look book features darker photos, classic wooden furniture and toys with the children as the focus. It feels like looking through my parent’s 1940s photo albums of their childhood.┬áTake a look at some of their products, after the jump.


  • Pointelle Onesie 1 of 8
    Pointelle Onesie
    You can never have enough onesies and these white, organic cotton, pointelle onesies are classic.
    $38 at Goat-Milk
  • Ribbed Thermal Underwear 2 of 8
    Ribbed Thermal Underwear
    This thermal underwear is 100% cotton and made in a ribbed pattern.
    $42 at Goat-Milk
  • Boys’ Tanks 3 of 8
    Boys' Tanks
    These boys' tanks are made in a pointelle patterned, 100% organic cotton.
    $29 at Goat-Milk
  • Girls’ Thermal Top 4 of 8
    Girls' Thermal Top
    This thermal top for girls is made from 100% cotton.
    $38 at Goat-Milk
  • Thermal Leggings 5 of 8
    Thermal Leggings
    Thermal leggings are great for layering in the winter or wearing for pajamas. These are 100% cotton, drop needle stitch thermal pants.
    $40 at Goat-Milk
  • Pointelle Tanks 6 of 8
    Pointelle Tanks
    A delicate tank in a pointelle stitch made for girls in 100% white cotton.
    $38 at Goat-Milk
  • Tartan Leggings 7 of 8
    Tartan Leggings
    These tartan leggings are beautiful and classic layered or worn alone. Available for boys and girls.
    $50 at Goat-Milk
  • Striped Tanks and Leggings 8 of 8
    Striped Tanks and Leggings
    Nothing is as classic as black and white striped leggings and tanks.
    Currently Unavailable on the site. Photo from the Goat-Milk Look Book

All photos courtesy of Goat -Milk.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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