Groundhog Day Activities: Punxsutawney Phil Portrait

Are you looking for Groundhog Day Activities? There are many activities and crafts for Groundhog day! Here is a cute craft called, Punxsutawney Phil Portrait. You can custom make your own Phil the groundhog portrait. This project is very fun and super easy! What a fun way to celebrate!

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What you’ll need:

* Felt: green, brown, light blue, and black
* Small scrap of white paper
* Small wiggle eye
* ½ green chenille stem
* 6″ x 6″ piece of sturdy cardboard
* Scissors
* White craft glue
* Patterns

How to make it:

1. Cut patterns out of the felt; colors are indicated on the pattern.
2. Glue black hole to green felt. (See image.)
3. Glue brown body to the black hole. (See image.)
4. Glue paws to the bottom of the body, overlapping the bottom of the hole.
5. Glue black nose to face, overlapping the side a bit. (See image.)
6. Glue eye in place.
7. Cut teeth from white paper and glue in place.
8. Glue bowtie onto neck.
9. Cut cardboard into an oval shape using the pattern. (See image.)
10. Glue the groundhog portrait to the cardboard oval and trim the green felt, leaving about a half inch border. (See image.)
11. Pipe glue around the back of the cardboard and fold the green felt border down onto the piped glue. You may have to keep working around the felt and pressing it to the cardboard until the glue grabs. (See image.)
12. Bend the chenille stem in half and glue to the back of the cardboard as a hanger. (See image.)
13. Allow to dry completely before hanging.

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