Hair for Girls: 10 Braids + Buns from Favorite Children's Brands

Braids + Buns for Girls

Nothing is more fun than teaching a daughter or niece your favorite hair tricks! During the summer it’s especially tricky to keep hair out of the face, off the shoulders and looking neat and tidy through sunny, sweltering days. I recently worked as a prop stylist on an adorable children’s catalog and was so amazed by how effortless and tidy the hair stylist made the children look! Catalogs are great places to look for hair and outfit inspiration so I thought it would be fun to gather ideas from my favorite girls clothing catalogs. Above is a Pippi Longstockings style hairdo from Oilily!. Check out the rest, after the jump!


  • Modern Crown Braid 1 of 10
    Modern Crown Braid
    This looks fun and easy! Take two braids and secure them on top with a few bobby pins or barrette. The look is fun and quirky for summertime!
    Image and clothing from J.Crew.
  • Traditional Crown Braid 2 of 10
    Traditional Crown Braid
    The crown braid such a great way to keep hair out of the face during summertime. This one is pretty and traditional, with a part down the middle. It makes a great hair style for piano recitals, church-going, or weddings.
    Image and clothing from Noa Noa.
  • Messy Top Knot 3 of 10
    Messy Top Knot
    Here's another easy idea to keep hair out of the face! Try putting hair into a high ponytail at the top of the head, wrap around, and secure with bobby pins. It's easy and looks great on everyone from girls to moms!
    Image and clothing from Gap.
  • Traveling Hair 4 of 10
    Traveling Hair
    These two classic braid ideas are perfect for traveling. Two braids on the side, or a crown braid, keeps hair neat and tidy and off the shoulders.
    Image and clothing from Noa Noa.
  • Side Bun 5 of 10
    Side Bun
    This one is a personal favorite of mine. I wear it all summer long. This version is super cute for girls. Make a side ponytail, a little above the ears, and wrap around in a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Making it a little higher up, as opposed to low to the neck, makes it fun and child-like!
    Image and clothing from J.Crew.
  • 90’s Inspired Top Knots 6 of 10
    90's Inspired Top Knots
    Remember messy half ponytails from the nineties? It actually can look good, when made a little more subtle. It's a fun and playful way to keep girls' hair out of their faces. Leave a few strands in front and flying out on top, keep the rest neat as usual!
    Image and clothing from Anais & I.
  • Top Knot with Braids 7 of 10
    Top Knot with Braids
    Create a neat and tidy bun and brush the bangs to the side for a prim and proper look this summer!
    Image and clothing from J.Crew.
  • Centered Top Knot 8 of 10
    Centered Top Knot
    This one is great for thin hair and no bangs! Just pull all the hair to the top center of the head and secure in a bun. Let a few pieces fly out to keep it effortless!
    Image and clothing from Oilily.
  • Add a Hat! 9 of 10
    Add a Hat!
    Help your daughter channel a little Anne of Green Gables with two side braids and a straw hat (with a ribbon!). It's such a darling style for summer and sure to keep her safe from too much sun!
    Image and clothing from J.Crew.
  • Dancing Braids 10 of 10
    Dancing Braids
    Inspired by Pippi Longstockings, these playful little braids are created by creating two little braids at the nape of the neck. It looks great with thin hair! Keep them natural and uneven for a playful look as pictured.
    Image and clothing from Oilily.

Top Photo: Oilily. All other photos from respective sources. 

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