Halloween Christmas Trees Are Now a Thing for Those of Us Who Just Can’t Wait Until December

Every year, it seems like a new Christmas tree trend sweeps the Internet. Last year, it was the upside-down Christmas tree. Then, the pineapple Christmas tree. And the year before that, we were all scratching our heads over the half Christmas tree, which is basically … well, half of an evergreen tree, shoved in the corner of a room.

But this year? It looks like the Christmas tree trends are starting even earlier — thanks to those of us who literally can’t wait until Halloween is here to get our tree up.

Behold, the Halloween Christmas tree (yes, you read that right):

These spooky monstrosities are being set up in homes across America the second October hits, and are covered with everything from orange plastic Jack-o-Lanterns to mini skeletons.

Scroll through the hashtag #HalloweenChristmasTree, and you’ll find hundreds more where that came from.

Some have scary greetings for guests as they enter the front door.

Others are honestly kinda pretty to look at.

And some are downright adorable.

Honestly, I’m kind of digging this trend, even if it is a little over-the-top. Especially since recent studies have even proven that decorating early for Christmas is good for your mental health. So decorating for Christmas so early that you head off Halloween? That’s bound to make you happier, right?

Yeah, let’s go with that.

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