Handmade Jewelry: 9 Beautiful Curated Pieces

I love thoughtful, handmade unique jewelry.  Something others don’t have, something different and stunning.  Handcrafted, maybe embroidered, maybe made with items not intended for jewelry.  The following slideshow finds are just that; distinctive, unique and handmade. Jewelry can be so personal,  I hope you enjoy. (Above: Maranon).

  • Horse Necklace 1 of 8
    Horse Necklace
    Fun and bold. Overlapping triangles knotted together with silk cord give this necklace movement and dimension.
    Available at Henderson Dry Goods $150.
  • Neon Pink Monogram Necklace 2 of 8
    Neon Pink Monogram Necklace
    Love the graphic quality of monograms! And each of these has a little history--the letters were each found in vintage dictionaries dating from the 1890s to the 1950s. The punchy neon pink glass beads makes it just a little perkier.
    Available at Foundling $64.
  • Antique Lace Necklace LE 3 of 8
    Antique Lace Necklace LE
    Limited Edition Antique Belgian Lace and delicate chain.
    Available at Anchor Boutique $72.
  • Rock the Rock Necklace 4 of 8
    Rock the Rock Necklace
    Amethyst, Coral Orange, Brass.
    Available at ISWAS+WILLBE $37.
  • Triangle Explosion Necklace 5 of 8
    Triangle Explosion Necklace
    A bit of art work to add to your ensemble. hand embroidered and sewn.
    Available at Maranon SOLD.
  • Floating Saucer Ring 6 of 8
    Floating Saucer Ring
    One of the virtues of this ring is it's surprising comfort! Because it can be lightly adjusted this series is also perfect for people who have bigger knuckles than 'finger'. Great for Summer/Winter & monthly size fluctuations. A ring that will always fit!
    Available at Colleen Baran $59.
  • Maple/Veneer No.1 Necklace 7 of 8
    Maple/Veneer No.1 Necklace
    A simple wooden pendant to wear around your neck, a little piece of nature to carry with you during the day. Made from a luminous piece of flamed maple, with a cap of velvety lacewood veneer.
    Available at Bliss in a Teacup $50.
  • Moss Green Bear Pendant 8 of 8
    Moss Green Bear Pendant
    This ornate porcelain bear pendant is glazed a bright spring green.
    Available at Poodlebreath $42.

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