Hi, We’re Your New Neighbors!

photo (131)Hello there, neighbor! My name is Lori (AKA Mommyfriend) and I’ve been a regular here at Babble for a couple of years now, blogging all things toddler, kid, love & sex, social media, and now home!

For my latest blogging adventure, I’ll be joined by my husband of nearly 15 years, Big Daddy P (neither carpenter, nor plumber, nor electrician). Together we vow to learn the ins and outs of DIY home improvement while staying married in the process. A few things you should know about us:

• We have little in common
• We don’t agree on much
• We don’t work well together (hooray for home improvement!)

Despite these marital truths, we seem to have one of those relationships that work for some inexplicable reason. Of all the many, many disagreements we’ve had about how often married people actually have sex and whether a meal without meat is, in fact, an actual meal, we do agree on one thing: our house needs work.

But enough about us, allow me to introduce the real star of this blog – our house:

House specs:

  • Bedroom: 4
  • Baths: 3.0
  • Sqft: 1,702
  • Lot: 4,002
  • Built: 1987
  • Property type: Single Family

Would you like to take a house tour? You can totally keep your shoes on.

  • Our house 1 of 22

    Check out our house before we got our grubby little hands on it.


  • Front door 2 of 22

    Welcome, welcome. Screen door look familiar? It was actually broken, and hence, one of the first things to be repurposed as a picture prop.

  • Entry 3 of 22

    Now that you've walked inside and turned 180 degrees to look back at the front door, you'll notice that the previous owners quite enjoyed brick red. Glossy brick red.

  • Stairs 4 of 22

    Upon standing in the entry, you're greeted with stairs to your left. Two-story living isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • Bird’s eye view downstairs 5 of 22

    Since I accidentally took you upstairs before showing you the ground floor, take a moment and look down. This is our downstairs. You can't tell from the picture but the carpet was really, really, really dirty times 5.

  • Bedroom 1 6 of 22

    Once upstairs you took a quick left and landed at what is now BooBoo's (my 5-year-old son) room. The previous owners had replaced the carpet in this room only with something much cleaner and much shaggier. Checkerboard carpet FTW!

  • Bedroom 1 interior 7 of 22

    A cute little boy lived in this VERY blue room, with an even bluer closet interior. The previous owners used a lot of nails to hang even small things in this room. I pulled 53 nails out of this little bedroom alone.

  • Upstairs bathroom 8 of 22

    Upon exiting bedroom 1, you're greeted with a child's bathroom. These people liked fish a lot and so they decided ceramic fish tile was a stellar idea. Between you and me, it looked way fishy.

  • It’s like a crappy ocean in here! 9 of 22

    The walls were painted blue and swirled white to look like an ocean. How thematic.

    Side note: Check out my hair in the mirror reflection. Hello, brunette!

  • Bedroom 2 10 of 22

    This lavender bedroom once belonging to two precious girls is now occupied by one sweaty man-child who goes by "Boy Wonder". I pulled 60+ nails out of this room.

  • Master bedroom 11 of 22

    Down the hall you'll find the master bedroom. Modest in size and painted in a peach high-gloss paint, the walls attracted dust like nothing you've ever seen!

  • Master vanity 12 of 22

    Dual sink loooooow vanity over carpet and exposed tub. We're vertically-challenged people and this vanity is still way too short for us.

  • Master toilet 13 of 22

    There's a mini standing shower to the left. Why am I showing you this pic? You know what a toilet looks like.

  • Let’s go back downstairs 14 of 22

    Looking into the family room from the entry, you can see that these folks loved their heavy draperies. Handmade cornice boxes and yard and yards of dusty canvas.

  • Repurposed dining area 15 of 22

    Head south from the family room and you'll find a dining room that was repurposed as a play area. Look at how young Boy Wonder was!

  • Kitchen 16 of 22

    East of the dining room is the kitchen, arguably my favorite room in the house. Green cabinets? YES, PLEASE!

  • More kitchen 17 of 22

    Granite countertops were a huge selling point for us as we sure couldn't afford to buy them.

  • Dining nook 18 of 22

    Oh, so cute. A little built-in bench behind the table made this room feel like happiness. Things you don't see: huge gouges in the laminate flooring, flat paint in the kitchen (...and glossy paint in the bedroom? Go figure.), and heavily damaged wainscoting.

  • Office 19 of 22

    Behind the kitchen you'll find the office. The house specs call this a 4th bedroom, but it doesn't have a closet. This is where I spend me days writing me bloggings.

  • Downstairs bathroom 20 of 22

    The bathroom downstairs was forest green. Hooray for decorative decals you have to scratch off the mirror!

  • Garage 21 of 22

    There's really nothing to see here, except for one very happy Big Daddy P in his new man space. ZOMG, there's a cat in the picture! I never saw that before. There was a cat in there? I hope they took it with them!

  • Backyard 22 of 22

    The backyard may not have consisted of  more than a rotted swing set, picket fence, and grass, but it had (and still has) a KILLER view. Look! OK, so you can't really tell but the view is considered by many to be the best part of the house.


Now that you’ve seen the house we started with, allow me to answer a few questions you don’t have.

Why we’re here:

We recently decided we wanted to move. Upon learning that selling wasn’t really an option, we decided that we wanted to do more than just stay in our home; we wanted to transform it into a space we adored…as cheaply as possible. After all, it’s a lovely home and a place where we’re created thousands of memories. Why not create a few more involving power tools and emergency plumbing repair?

What we intend to do:

Update our 1980s tract home into something reminiscent of the 21st century. Popcorn ceilings and florescent lighting be damned!

Why we’ll make good neighbors:

We don’t have a barking dog, crying baby, or even have people over very often. We mow our lawn weekly, take in our trashcans, and have never once gardened naked. Oh, and I make really good onion dip.

I hope you’ll join us on our home improvement adventures as it was so very nice to meet you!

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