Holiday Shopping: 20 Cool Threads Your Kids Will Actually Want to Receive as Gifts

cool clothes for kids
Chances are you’re planning on getting your kids a few new clothes for Christmas, so why not buy them some threads they’ll actually wear rather then wrinkle their nose at? Dang kids can be so picky! I’ve put together a few sure-to-be-favorites in the slideshow below, click through and get a head start on your holiday shopping!

  • Bat Hoodie 1 of 20
    Bat Hoodie
    Halloween might be over but I guarantee this bat hoodie would be a hit year 'round.
    Get it from Etsy Seller Paul and Paula for $45
  • Perfect Party Dress 2 of 20
    Perfect Party Dress
    As a former little girl myself, I can assure you that we all want one of these to dance around the house in all year!
    Get it at H&M for $59.95
  • Pony Sweatshirt 3 of 20
    Pony Sweatshirt
    Whether your little one is a My Little Pony fanatic or just loves the color pink, there's no doubt she'll be excited to unwrap this sweater Christmas morning.
    Get it at H&M for $14.95
  • Metallic Sneakers 4 of 20
    Metallic Sneakers
    Hip kicks never hurt any boy — especially when they're
    metallic silver!
    Get them at H&M for $19.95
  • Mini Munster T-Shirt 5 of 20
    Mini Munster T-Shirt
    All the mini munsters can rock on in this adorable striped tee! Your little boy is sure to be the coolest kid on the playground when he's sporting this shirt.
    Get it at Cool Kids NYC for $34
  • Retro Scooter Backpack 6 of 20
    Retro Scooter Backpack
    This scooter backpack with a vintage flair is cool for both boys and girls alike.
    Get it at Cool Kids NYC for $65
  • Animal Print Sweater 7 of 20
    Animal Print Sweater
    There's no trendier way to stay warm this winter than in a cheetah-print sweater. We have a feeling you'll probably want to forget your little girl and get one of these for yourself!
    Get it at Gap Kids for $39.95
  • Heart Boyfriend Sweater 8 of 20
    Heart Boyfriend Sweater
    Show your little girl how much you love her this Christmas with this girly cardigan decked out with neon, sequined hearts!
    Get it at Gap Kids for $34.95
  • Lion Hat 9 of 20
    Lion Hat
    There's no cooler way to keep your kid's noggin warm this winter than in this furry lion hat. Just don't be surprised if your kid starts yelling "ROAR!" out of nowhere.
    Get it at Gap Kids for $18.95
  • Spider Man Ringer Tee 10 of 20
    Spider Man Ringer Tee
    Super heroes appeal to boys, big AND small! Once your boy puts this cool vintage tee on, we imagine he'll be practicing scaling buildings in no time.
    Get it at Gap Kids for $26.95
  • Glitter Bow Headband 11 of 20
    Glitter Bow Headband
    Little girls love sparkle and this sweet headband is the perfect way to add it.
    Get it at J.Crew for $14.50
  • Polka Dot Skinnies 12 of 20
    Polka Dot Skinnies
    Your daughter is sure to feel like a "big girl" in these trendy, polka-dot skinny jeans. They grow up so fast ...
    Get them at J.Crew for $78
  • Robot Tee 13 of 20
    Robot Tee
    Every boy I know loves a good graphic tee and this robot one is a stellar choice.
    Get it at J.Crew for $26
  • Faux Leather Jacket 14 of 20
    Faux Leather Jacket
    Your kid will be well on his way to rock star status when he wears this leather bomber.
    Get it at Zara for $59.90
  • Monster Socks 15 of 20
    Monster Socks
    I know socks are supposed to be the most rotten thing to get as a gift but these ones are too cool to pass up.
    Get a 2-pack at Polarn O Pyret for $11.50
  • Sports Tee 16 of 20
    Sports Tee
    This baseball tee ranks high on the comfort factor (a must for boys) and is the perfect shirt for messing around outside with his buds.
    Get it at Zara for $14.90
  • Puppy Top 17 of 20
    Puppy Top
    Is your little girl a dog lover? Then get her this puppy top that's sure to make her swoon.
    Get it at Sparkle and Spin for $22.50 euro
  • Polka Dot Skirt 18 of 20
    Polka Dot Skirt
    This skirt has a great twirl factor to please any little girl.
    Get it at Sparkle and Spin for 35.50 euro
  • Cat Dress 19 of 20
    Cat Dress
    Is your girl a sucker for kitty cats? Then get her this adorable dress — just don't be surprised if she refuses to take it off.
    Get it at Wild Things Dresses for $60
  • Fawn Print Tee 20 of 20
    Fawn Print Tee
    I'm not sure what your girl will love more — the awesome fuchsia pink color of this tee or the metallic clouds and flowers. It's a win-win!
    Get it at Polarn O. Pyret for $26.50

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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