10 All-in-One Family Entertainment Systems

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  • Apple TV 2 of 11
    Apple TV
    If it’s in your iTunes library, you can stream it to your home television through Apple TV. The device is small enough to tuck into the tightest corner, and because it works with both Apple and Windows PCs, you don’t need an über-expensive system to run it. As with any streaming media player, however, a fast Internet connection is essential.
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  • Roku Digital Video Player 3 of 11
    Roku Digital Video Player
    Since its humble beginnings as a way to get Netflix on your home TV, Roku has grown into a streaming-media powerhouse — albeit one small enough to fit on your bookshelf. You’ll need a broadband connection and subscriptions to supported services — including Netflix, Pandora and Amazon Video on Demand — to enjoy the player, but even if you have just one of those, the rewards are huge.
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  • Logitech Revue with Google TV 4 of 11
    Logitech Revue with Google TV
    Running Google TV with the Logitech Revue’s keyboard and set-top box is sort of like using your home television as a giant Android-based PC. You have your apps, your Web, your streaming music and video, even — thanks to the HD camera that comes with the Logitech Revue — a convenient way to video chat with Gram and Gramps. And because the Revue integrates with your existing digital or cable TV connection, you get “regular” TV as well.
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  • Sony Internet TV 5 of 11
    Sony Internet TV
    Like the idea of Google TV but don’t want the extra hardware? Sony’s Internet TVs pack the Google TV experience into a svelte black design ranging from 24 to 40 inches across. You get Web access, streaming music and video, and the ability to control existing cable or satellite channels through the Google TV interface. And for those who really like to multitask, you can even watch TV and surf the Web at the same time.
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  • Boxee Box by D-Link 6 of 11
    Boxee Box by D-Link
    Unlike media players that work with your existing cable connection, Boxee aims to help you cut the cord for good. Network TV, HD movies, music — if it's free on the Web, Boxee can stream it free to your TV. Paid content is also available, but the no-pay goodies — including the ability to share photos and download missing art for your MP3 and video libraries — should keep the media geeks in your home plenty busy.
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  • Boxee Software 7 of 11
    Boxee Software
    If you’re looking for Boxee without the box, you can get it with this free software. Okay, well, you’ll still need a few “boxes” of your own — namely an HDTV and a computer to run the software — but from there, Boxee does the hard work of organizing your media for playback over the home network. Boxee also gives you easy access to TV, Web content and subscription services, and though it’s novice-friendly, you can also tweak its settings to your heart’s content.
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  • Popcorn Hour Networked Media Jukebox 8 of 11
    Popcorn Hour Networked Media Jukebox
    For the family members who just want entertainment, Popcorn Hour’s Media Jukeboxes make enjoying movies, music and photos as easy as using a remote control to browse all the media your home network can handle. For the geekier folks in the house, Popcorn Hour lets you get under the hood to add a hard drive, create shared media libraries and set up a home file server that runs over your home network.
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  • Western Digital WD TV Live Plus Media Player 9 of 11
    Western Digital WD TV Live Plus Media Player
    If you’re just looking for an easy way to stream the music, video and photos on your hard drive to the devices on your home network, Western Digital’s standard-edition WD TV has everything you need. For families with Netflix subscriptions, however, the WD TV Live Plus is the way to go. You get all the fun of a home media network plus a convenient way to stream Netflix movies
    on your HDTV.
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  • ASUS O!Play HD Media Player 10 of 11
    ASUS O!Play HD Media Player
    So easy to set up that you can ignore its manual, the tiny (just a hair bigger than its accompanying remote) O!Play easily tackles the big job of getting entertainment from your hard drive or home server to your TV screen. Have ripped DVD or Blu-ray videos of the kids’ milestones? O!Play handles them both. Want to get your Disney Digital Copy flicks onto the TV? Just plug in a cable and stream away.
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  • Plex Media Server for Windows and Mac 11 of 11
    Plex Media Server for Windows and Mac
    You can’t beat free, right? While Plex Media Server is free to download, the software’s capabilities get even bigger once you connect it with a paid ($4.99) iOS or Android app. Simply install the software on your home computer, and it organizes your media into a colorful, easy-to-use interface that also lets you stream content over the home network. Add the smart phone app and you can also take your home media library with you.
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