How to Tackle the Messiest Parts of Your Home (That You Never Get Around to Cleaning)

Keeping a busy home neat and clean, especially when you have kiddos, is a thankless task. Lucky for you, we’re here to help provide some tips to organize the trickiest of areas!

We recently had the pleasure of helping a growing family of three prepare their home in the anticipation of their newest addition, focusing on the pantry, storage closet, linen closet, and craft corner. Taking into account the specific needs of this family, we created storage solutions that are practical and maintainable.

Check out some of our guiding principles for organizing each of these spaces and give these tips a try in your own home.

Creating the Perfect Pantry

With kids constantly grabbing for different snacks and juice boxes all the time, the pantry is an area of the house that can easily get out of order. Here are some suggestions for keeping it tidy:

  • Store like items together (all canned goods in one area, all condiments in another).
  • Use clear containers so that you can see what you own to avoid over-buying, expired food, and waste.
  • Create an area for breakfast items to make mornings more seamless. For example, place cereal, oatmeal, and maple syrup on the same shelf.
  • Create a grab-and-go snack area filled with your little one’s favorite items.

De-cluttering the Storage Closet

Ah, the storage closet. Everyone is guilty of tossing all kinds of odds and ends in there. Here’s how to prevent that extra clutter:

  • Consider what you’re storing there and why.
  • Ask yourself: Are there items in the storage closet that you use less often and can be stored elsewhere? If so, relocate them to the garage, basement, or attic.
  • Create labeled storage solutions for organizational maintenance and accountability.
  • Determine what types of things are regularly getting shoved in the closet and create a system for those items. For example, create a basket/bin for items like donations, returns, incoming packages, or gifts and label them accordingly.
  • Maintenance is a key aspect of staying organized. Once systems are in place, be sure to spend a few moments each week or so to move things back to their proper “homes.”

Sprucing Up the Linen Closet

It’s all too easy to hold on to sheets and towels that are way past their prime. Use some of these tricks to keep your linen closet in tip-top shape:

  • Toss items that are no longer in good condition or that don’t belong with a set.
  • Store sheet sets together in containers (or inside the pillowcase of that set). Then, when sheets need to be changed or guests arrive, it’s easy to grab an entire set without unstacking and unfolding to find what you need.
  • Keep only what you need; one set of extra sheets per bed in your home is generally enough.
  • Likewise, store towels by which area of the house you use them in (powder room, master bedroom, guest room, etc.).
  • Bulky comforters can be stored on heavy-duty hangers, if space allows. If there is under-utilized hanging space, then hanging the bulkier blankets can free up space for other items to be folded or stored in bins/baskets.
  • In the off-season, consider wrapping bulky comforters in plastic to reduce their size and protect them from dust while in storage for summer months.

Cleaning Out the Craft Corner

If you have kids, chances are you have a craft corner in your home that’s filled to the brim with markers, crayons, and construction paper. Use these suggestions to keep the crafty mess to a minimum:

  • Discard dried markers and broken crayons (or melt the crayons down to make new ones). Recycle or reuse paper scraps.
  • Create a place for everything. For example, have one container for crayons, one for markers, and another for pencils.
  • Consider using acrylic containers that allow kids to see the colorful materials inside (pom poms, stickers, popsicle sticks, etc.).
  • Or utilize open storage (like cups or baskets) since lidded containers add another step in the clean-up process for kiddos.
  • Label items by color, which can be a fun way to engage kids in learning and clean-up simultaneously.
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