HOTmilk Maternity Lingerie: Seriously Sexy, Mama

If you’re the kind of gal who likes pretty lingerie, don’t think becoming a mom means you have to schlep around in big granny panties and sad nude-colored bras. (Yes, I know the reality, but let’s not crush the hopes of soon-to-be mamas just yet.) You can satisfy your inner goddess – and that lucky man of yours too – with a sip of HOTmilk.

This brand has revolutionized the way pregnant women and nursing moms can express themselves by creating sexy, beautiful and functional maternity lingerie. The collections are seriously hot and I haven’t even mentioned the marketing. Let’s just say… whoa.

Years ago, when HOTmilk emerged, it created quite a stir due to the provocative photography and over-the-top sexuality. Okay, I’ll admit the first time I saw the website, I was a bit shocked because it was a such a new concept. After my momentary “what the ???” wore off, I absolutely loved it. The inspiration behind HOTmilk is to empower women and to remind them they are  beautiful, confident and sexy. Bravo.

This may be the only maternity lingerie brand on the planet that has an interactive section of the website for men – cleverly titled “Milk Man”  – where our clueless sweet fellas can go to find helpful information about their crazy preggo partners. It’s like a tutorial about dealing with a pregnant and/or nursing mom, but told in a funny, non-condescending manner.  “When a woman’s body gets hijacked by a baby it changes. Things swell. Sometimes most things and quite often for the better.”

If exquisite lingerie makes you happy, or maybe you’re just curious, get your peep show on at HOTmilk.

Hot Milk Pink Nursing Bra

HotMilk “She Blushes” Nursing Bra – $58

Hot Milk She Embraced Nursing Bra

HotMilk “She Embraced” Nursing Bra – $58

Hot Milk Maternity Lingerie

More marketing pics from Hot Milk. Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up…


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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