How To Get Out of a Style Rut

style rut

We’ve all been there. Those days/weeks/months when you have absolutely nothing to wear. Those times when you look at your clothes and everything looks so blah. Those moments where you find yourself with a pile of clothes at your feet because you think everything looks so horrible on you. Yes, we’ve all been through the style rut. Here are five things to do the next time it hits:

1. Take the time for a closet overhaul. Be honest with yourself and donate the things that you haven’t worn in the last year even if it still has the tags on it.

2. Prepare yourself for a shopping trip. Take note of the classic, everyday pieces that you don’t already own and put them on the list. Take note of what you’re drawn to in your closet, the things you find yourself wearing everyday. It’s most likely the item that flatters your shape and coloring the best. Put similar items on the list.

3. Seek inspiration. Visit sites like The Sartorialist or The Locals for a variety of street style. Or find somebody’s style you want to emulate like Kendi. Save the images that you’re most attracted to and breakdown why that outfit appeals to you. Add any specific pieces that you really want to try out to your shopping list.

4. Make a plan of attack for shopping. Write down the specific stores you want to try out. Hire a babysitter. Give yourself plenty of time. Focus on the fit and your shape. Take photos with your phone to see how it really looks. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. Try not to get discouraged. You most likely won’t find everything on your list but you might make a dent.

5. Hang the list up in your closet so you can keep those items you didn’t score in mind for the next shopping trip. And don’t forget, you don’t have to have a lot of clothes to be stylish. Layer, mix and match and accessorize to change it up. If the base is good it’s more likely that the entire look will be good.

illustration: Lana Frankel

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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