How to Host a Kid-Friendly Summer Party


Summer is here and we have been in full BBQ and outdoor party mode! I love hosting and attending a great summer party. I love being outside in the fresh air, the smell of the grill going and being with my little family. However, what is not so wonderful about many parties that we go to is that there isn’t usually a lot for the kids to do. They tend to get bored and clingy, and it’s just not much fun for them or us. Wouldn’t it be great to throw a summer party that the kids would love, too? Here are a few tips to help you on your way to throwing a great summer party the whole family will love!

1. Think Kids When Planning the Decorations and Menu

When you are planning the party, keep the kids in mind. Instead of just buying white decorations, go all out and buy some bright and colorful ones that the kids will think are pretty great, too. When you are making the menu, try and include some classic favorites for kids like hot dogs, mac and cheese, or fruit. I know it sounds silly to have to say that, but you would be surprised how many times I have thrown a party and have mostly thought about what I like or what my friends and family would like. If you try and think more about the kids, your party will be instantly more fun!

2. Pick Your Time Carefully

Try your best to pick a time for the party that most of the kids will be happy. Babies and toddlers often need at least one nap per day, so pick a time that is after nap time and well before bedtime to ensure the kids are happy and well-rested so the parents can enjoy themselves, too. I know so many parents who didn’t go to a party simply because it was during their child’s nap time.

3. Have a Variety of Activities

Kids have pretty short attention spans. My son is still young, but his attention span (or lack there of) can astound me at times. To help keep the kids busy, try setting up different stations with different activities or crafts they can work on. That way they can rotate and jump around from station to station or stick to one thing they love. Trust me on this one. Variety is key!

Now that you have those tips down, here are 7 more ideas for your kid-friendly summer party:


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