How To Live Without A Closet

Do you have a home with very little closet space? For a while, I had a bedroom that had no closet, which I have been told means that it wasn’t a “bedroom” but a spare room. No matter what your definition of a bedroom is, if you don’t have a closet, it can be frustrating trying to figure out a way to store your clothes — not just something functional, but something you won’t hate looking at day in and day out. Our solution at the time was a super cheap and completely hideous coat rack. It practically collapsed every time we got a sweater or a shirt off of it. Thankfully, these days you fine people have plenty of other creative options out there. These are two of my favorites! Both pretty and totally practical options. Which would you prefer if you were closet-less?

closet 01

Coat Rack

The problem with our coat rack was that we bought it for about $10 from Walmart. You get what you pay for, right? This do it yourself option from Weekday Carnival is not only functional and sturdy, but gorgeous. I am just short of drooling over the copper and wood combination. And the good news about making your own coat rack: you can make it as big as you want! So, for a few coats or sweaters, something like this would work. But if you have a closet’s worth of clothing you need to hang up, you might want to make it a tad bigger.

closet 02

Hang it up

If floor space is an issue (and honestly, how often is it not?), then this hanging option from Apartment Therapy might work for you. It’s pretty easy to make and looks fantastic. You could go the natural route and grab a piece of drift wood, attach the chains and hang that baby up, or you could get crazy and creative! Paint it, put a pattern on it, make a double decker rack! No matter how you choose to make it, it will be a life saver for the whole “I don’t have a closet!” thing. Just make sure you attach it properly to your ceiling. You don’t want that thing falling down!

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