How To Remove Make Up Easily – Put Your Self First

Some days simply feel so long and so chaotic it would be easier to just crawl in to bed at the end of the day without even saying good night to anyone.  I could enter my bedroom, skip changing for bed, ignore washing my face and brushing my teeth and dive straight under the covers praying for sleep to take me away the way Calgon used to sooth and claim women in those 1980’s commercials.

But I know this isn’t a good idea. I know I’m more comfortable in my pajamas.  I know I need to brush my teeth and I REALLY know that my face is so much healthier and ready to face the next day if I wash it and remove the day’s makeup.

I’m not often jealous of women younger than me, but if I could steal one youthful thing from them, it would be their skin… so, in the spirit of putting myself first, I do my best to take care of my skin now.  And this does mean washing my face and removing my makeup each night.

Here is an easy way to do it…. and one that is gentle on your skin.

Do you have any quick tips for making your nighttime routine easy? What do you use to pamper your skin?

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