How To Rock A Center Part


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing the middle part on every girl in Manhattan, on every off-duty model as she runs through Midtown between go-sees (Fashion Week is coming!), and on every Pinterest image ever pinned onto a hair inspiration board ever. The middle part is back. With a vengeance!

Middle parts aren’t the most flattering of parts. They can be harsh and they can be severe… they can also be incredibly easy and effortless, and the perfect “my hair just falls this way, what?” statement for your head this fall. (It seems this fall is all about looking effortlessly rumpled, are you getting that vibe too?)

After the jump, a few famous heads who get the center part right, and some tips on how to make it work for you. Ready? Let’s go.

  • Perfectly Mussed 1 of 12
    A middle part looks best when there's a bit of volume at the top and lots of softness at the bottom. Not too severe or sleek.
    This center part via They All Hate Us.
  • Or In Curls 2 of 12
    Those Olson twins are famous for committing to their center part, and this look on Ashley is one we can all try out. Big, happy waves, with lots of volume. A nice nude lip helps keep things soft.
    This center part via Zimbio.
  • What Would Ali McGraw Do? 3 of 12
    When in doubt, look to the queen mother of center parts, Ali McGraw. A dark brow, a light lip, and pin straight tresses. Classic.
    This center part via Quite Continental.
  • Like A Hippie 4 of 12
    A center part is a hippie's best friend. Dress it up with braids, or even part accessories!
    This center part via Free People.
  • image-507 5 of 12
  • All Hail Queen Gwyneth 6 of 12
    Gwyneth is another celeb who's been wearing her part down the center since she dumped Brad and grew her pixie out. She likes to tuck one side behind her ear, which gives her an All-American, nice girl vibe.
    This center part via Hair Do Hairstyles.
  • Tucked Behind Both Ears 7 of 12
    Eva Mendes tucks behind both ears. Doesn't she look so cute? Sweet and youthful and innocent and pretty.
    This center part via A Cup Of Jo.
  • Drama Part 8 of 12
    I like how Kate Beckinsale goes for the volume like there's no tomorrow. Big! Big hair!
    This center part via Hair And Makeup By Steph.
  • Sexy Part 9 of 12
    If Megan Fox is going to do anything, she's going to do it with a heavy dose of sex on the side. Or... in the middle. The waves are a great look here, as are the perfectly sculpted brows. A center part needs a good brow. Keep this in mind.
    This center part via Hair And Makeup By Steph.
  • Sleek, Tamed Part 10 of 12
    Vanessa Hudgens looks so lovely and fresh in her center part. I love how glossy and healthy her hair looks.
    This center part via Hair And Makeup By Steph.
  • On Short Hair 11 of 12
    Though a center part and long hair go together like peanut butter and jelly, don't forget about the shorter styles. They go with center parts like peanut butter and banana. Still pretty tasty. Just make sure your layers are long, and that your bangs are at least grown past your chin.
    This center part via Hair And Make Up By Steph.
  • With Attitude 12 of 12
    This image kills me. And you know what? A side braid on a center part never hurt nobody. Try it.
    This center part via Vogue Enfants.

Lead Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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