How to Set a Modern Organic Table for the Holidays!

Consider setting a pared-down table for your dinner this year. Add some natural linens, beeswax candles and serve food in handmade pottery. Below, I’ve gathered some of my favorite pieces for the table and have included centerpiece ideas like bowls of clementines or a pinecone garland. Take a look!

  • Gold Utensils 1 of 25
    Gold Utensils
    Add a bit of shine to the table with this modern gold utensils. I have some and love them!
    Buy for $29 at West Elm
  • Recycled Glass Vase 2 of 25
    Recycled Glass Vase
    Drop a few sprigs of evergreens in this recycled glass vase for an effortless centerpiece.
    Buy for $25 at Brook Farm General Store
  • Beeswax Candles 3 of 25
    Beeswax Candles
    These beeswax tapers are a natural, beautiful way to light a table.
    Buy for $10 at Brook Farm General Store
  • Pinecone Garland 4 of 25
    Pinecone Garland
    Lay these lovely pine-cone garland across your table for a minimal but festive centerpiece that won't interfere with food dishes.
    Buy for $54 at Amy Merrick
  • Linen Napkin 5 of 25
    Linen Napkin
    These handmade dishtowels work perfectly for large napkins.
    Buy for $22 at Small Batch Production
  • Porcelain Serving Dishes 6 of 25
    Porcelain Serving Dishes
    Serve food in these gorgeous handmade, porcelain dishes or use them as pictured, with clementines for centerpieces.
    Buy for $200 at Vitrified Studio
  • Resin Ice Bucket 7 of 25
    Resin Ice Bucket
    These resin and leather ice buckets are a great way to serve drinks.
    Buy for $120 at Alder & Co.
  • Mud Australia Platters 8 of 25
    Mud Australia Platters
    Serve little tarts or appetizers on these delicate platters.
    Buy for $31 at Horne
  • Stoneware Bowls 9 of 25
    Stoneware Bowls
    This cream colored bowl has a lovely, organic shape.
    Buy for $36 at Steven Alan
  • Red Stripe Linen Tablecloth 10 of 25
    Red Stripe Linen Tablecloth
    Set your table with a gorgeous Fog Linen table cloth and napkins that features a subtle red stripe.
    Buy for $64 a Shop Fog Linen
  • Mini Serving Dishes 11 of 25
    Mini Serving Dishes
    Serve olives and appetizers in these organic-shaped serving dishes.
    Buy for $96 at Steven Alan
  • Salad Bowl 12 of 25
    Salad Bowl
    This gorgeous white salad bowl is made by Heath Ceramics.
    Buy for $125 at Heath Ceramics
  • Vintage Glass Decanter 13 of 25
    Vintage Glass Decanter
    Use this lovely vintage glass piece as a decanter or a vase.
    Buy for $24 at Monki Vintage
  • Vintage Candle Sticks 14 of 25
    Vintage Candle Sticks
    These hexagonal shaped candle sticks are a nice minimal way to set the table with candles.
    Buy for $28 at Monki Vintage
  • Wooden Plates 15 of 25
    Wooden Plates
    These lovely serving dishes are made of linden wood in Japan.
    Buy for $85 at Mjolk
  • Stitched Plate 16 of 25
    Stitched Plate
    These clever plates are stitched with red wire around the edge.
    Buy for $58 at Terrain
  • Linen Napkins 17 of 25
    Linen Napkins
    Add color to your tables with these saturated linen napkins.
    Buy for $58 at Terrain
  • Rosemary Centerpiece 18 of 25
    Rosemary Centerpiece
    Keep your table natural and organic by using three of these rosemary plants wrapped in burlap for your centerpiece.
    Buy for $10 at Williams Sonoma
  • Hand-Printed Napkins 19 of 25
    Hand-Printed Napkins
    Add a touch of pattern to your table with these charming hand-printed napkins from Anna Joyce.
    Buy for $42 at Anna Joyce
  • Carafe 20 of 25
    This delicate handmade carafe from Japan has the loveliest hint of blue.
    Buy for $69 at Steven Alan
  • Striped Container 21 of 25
    Striped Container
    Add a spring of pine to this charming striped ceramic piece for a sweet little centerpiece.
    Buy for $40 at Steven Alan
  • Cotton Napkins 22 of 25
    Cotton Napkins
    Set your table with these sweet vintage-inspired cotton napkins.
    Buy for $48 at Steven Alan
  • Beeswax Candles 23 of 25
    Beeswax Candles
    Beeswax candles are a great option for dinnertime because their scent won't interfere with the taste of the food!
    Buy for $2.50 at Buy Green
  • Olive Leaf + Myrtle Garland 24 of 25
    Olive Leaf + Myrtle Garland
    Add this luscious garland down the center of the dinner table.
    Buy for $69 at Pottery Barn
  • Organic Bowls 25 of 25
    Organic Bowls
    Serve soup in these sweet little bowls.
    Buy for $60 at Steven Alan

Top photo: Terrain and Etsy. All other photos from respective sources.

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