How To: Wear an Arm Party and NOT Feel Ridiculous

Oh, arm parties.

I remember fondly back when just one bracelet was enough. You too? Oh yes. Simpler times. You’d slip one on, it’d be the only thing on your arm, and somehow you were okay with that. Somehow we were secure in the knowledge that our one bracelet was perfectly stylish enough on its own. Entirely adequate. But these days! These days you have to have no fewer than fifty on at once, just to look current! Am I right? It’s all a little intimidating. And quite frankly, exhausting. 😉

But it doesn’t have to be this way! We don’t need to stress over our arm parties! We can be the masters of our bracelet collection! Come! Let me show you the way! Please do read the facetious tone in my writing and do not assume I’m taking this terribly seriously! Even though yes, it is a very serious subject.

After the jump. A few examples of arm parties done really, really right, followed by a few bracelets you can buy to get your arm party started. Hope you enjoy!

  • Keep It In The Family 1 of 27
    Keep It In The Family
    A really great way to keep things polished and uncomplicated is choosing a color scheme and sticking to it. Warm gold and leather is a sophisticated way to take the arm party to work.
    Find this arm party at Note To Sarah.
  • Keep It Casual 2 of 27
    Keep It Casual
    Keeping your bracelets on the smaller side seems to take a lot of the drama and maintenance out of an arm party, especially if your bracelets seem to have no rhyme or reason to them whatsoever. Gives the impression you're just wearing a few favorite bracelets you've slowly collected over the years.
    Find this arm party at Sincerely Jules.
  • Keep It Curated 3 of 27
    Keep It Curated
    Baubles and bubbles and rhinestones that echo an over all "look" will at least give your arm party some structure and a sense of purpose. Using a giant watch face as a centering, stabilizing piece really helps to anchor this look.
    Find this arm party at Atlantic-Pacific.
  • Keep It Crazy 4 of 27
    Keep It Crazy
    Another fun way to wear an arm party is to just commit to it. Every bracelet and watch you own, right on up to your elbows. Wear your skinniest bracelets near your wrist so you don't accidentally give yourself a tourniquet.
    Find this arm party at The Man Repeller's Instagram.
  • Keep It Matching 5 of 27
    Keep It Matching
    Gold studs, with a touch of turquoise thrown in as counterbalance. This is really a rather understated arm party, considering there are seven bracelets attending.
    Find this arm party at The Man Repeller's Instagram
  • Keep It Friendly 6 of 27
    Keep It Friendly
    The bulk of this arm party is made up of friendship bracelets. Aw, how sweet. It definitely takes a bit of the "high fashion" edge off and keeps things nice and comfortable.
    Find this arm party at 30 Media Tumblr.
  • Keep It Masculine 7 of 27
    Keep It Masculine
    Possibly one of my favorite arm parties to date. I like how it doesn't match, it isn't really girly, there's a random globe thing happening, and it's paired with some seriously menswear looking clothes. Carefree world traveler look. Refreshing.
    Find this arm party at Honestly WTF.
  • Colorful Stripes Bracelet 8 of 27
    Colorful Stripes Bracelet
    These stripes are such a great, unexpected element in an arm party.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $4.80.
  • Etched Coil Bracelet 9 of 27
    Etched Coil Bracelet
    This little peek of neon pink is perfect for an arm party. A little bit of interest like this can really elevate your collection.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $3.80.
  • Tribal Beaded Bangle Set 10 of 27
    Tribal Beaded Bangle Set
    Bangle sets give you such bang for your buck (pardon the pun) and these navy blues have great potential when mixed with oranges or pinks.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $9.80.
  • Spiked Stretchy Bracelet 11 of 27
    Spiked Stretchy Bracelet
    Studs are practically a requirement on a bracelet these days. And this one comes in a variation of neons. You'll probably want to get them all, I know I do.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $7.80.
  • Painted Flower Bangles 12 of 27
    Painted Flower Bangles
    This sweet set of bangles carries plenty of pattern possibility.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $8.80.
  • Chiffon Wrapped Bangle Set 13 of 27
    Chiffon Wrapped Bangle Set
    For your more girly arm parties.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $8.80.
  • Contrast Spike Bracelet 14 of 27
    Contrast Spike Bracelet
    Oh, this guy is rad.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $6.80.
  • Geo Bangle Set 15 of 27
    Geo Bangle Set
    Oh, this is a really rad set of bangles.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $6.80.
  • Rhinestone Woven Bracelet 16 of 27
    Rhinestone Woven Bracelet
    A nice understated bracelet like this will give your arm party volume without distracting from your key pieces.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $4.80.
  • Shimmering Bow Cuff 17 of 27
    Shimmering Bow Cuff
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $4.80.
  • Crackled Faux Stone Bracelet 18 of 27
    Crackled Faux Stone Bracelet
    A little bit of rustic turquoise can bring just the right element of earthiness.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $5.80.
  • Spiked Leather Wrap Bracelet 19 of 27
    Spiked Leather Wrap Bracelet
    Leopard print studded leather. How many trends can you squeeze into one piece?
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $6.80.
  • Rhinestone Curb Chain Bracelet 20 of 27
    Rhinestone Curb Chain Bracelet
    Gold, rhinestones, and chains. Perfect for an arm party.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $7.80.
  • Infinity Knot Bracelet 21 of 27
    Infinity Knot Bracelet
    Sometimes you want a huge old statement piece in the mix. This one has both heft and dazzle.
    Get this bracelet at Forever 21, $14.80.
  • Allison Stretchies 22 of 27
    Allison Stretchies
    These leather stretchy bracelets accomplish a lot at once: leather, neon, sporty, and edgy.
    Get this bracelet at Poshlocket, $30.00.
  • Michael Kors Runway Watch 23 of 27
    Michael Kors Runway Watch
    Every arm party needs a stabilizing, giant-faced gold watch to keep things organized. The classic is the Michael Kors.
    Get this bracelet at Piperlime, $250.00.
  • Sherri Bangle 24 of 27
    Sherri Bangle
    It seems like every good arm party has a bracelet that's "off' in some way, to provide a bit of counterpoint. This bracelet, with it's jewel-spacing and color, is a good candidate for the job.
    Get this bracelet at Poshlocket, $25.00.
  • Leather Wrap Bracelet 25 of 27
    Leather Wrap Bracelet
    All of the above are great bracelets for bringing on the drama, but my favorite arm parties are heavy on the leather and fabric, light on the hardware. This leather wrap bracelet is the perfect place to start if you like an earthier arm party, too.
    Get this bracelet at Madewell, $24.50.
  • Mixed Fabric And Gold Bangle 26 of 27
    Mixed Fabric And Gold Bangle
    I love these. Just one goes a long way, can you imagine what two or three on your arm could do for your party?
    Get this bracelet at Madewell, $14.00.
  • Braided Friendship Bracelet 27 of 27
    Braided Friendship Bracelet
    I have this adorable black and white bracelet, and it's the first bracelet I go to when I start piling on the party. Perfectly graphic and punchy and laid back all at the same time
    Get this bracelet at Madewell, $10.00.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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