How to Wear Stripes and Florals: 10 Tips

how to wear stripes and florals

I am usually pretty conservative in the way I dress, sticking to monochromatic outfits and minimal patterns but I love the idea of stripes and florals. I have a few pieces I’ve mixed together and they are super fun to wear. I was looking for some inspiration about mixing these two favorite patterns and picked up some tips along the way. I gathered some images from my favorite street style and fashion blogs as well as look books and clothing lines (Sessun, featured above). Take a look at some of the advice I gathered about mixing these two popular patterns, after the jump!

  • Stick with One Color 1 of 10
    Stick with One Color
    If mixing patterns sounds scary, try to stick with one color This all-blue ensemble featured on Stockholm Street Style is so elegant!
    Photo by Stockholm Streetstyle.
  • Keep One Pattern Smaller 2 of 10
    Keep One Pattern Smaller
    This outfit is wearable and not too overwhelming because the florals are tiny. Two large prints would be too overbearing!
    Photo by Madewell.
  • Narrow Stripes 3 of 10
    Narrow Stripes
    This outfit keeps the patterns in similar hues and uses a smaller pattern next to a larger one. Stripes can be a bit tricky, and these narrow ones are so understated, they almost work as a neutral piece.
    Photo by Kendi Everyday.
  • Offset the Patterns 4 of 10
    Offset the Patterns
    Offset two bold patterns with accessories or a third element that gives the eyes a break.
    Photo by Aplomb Aplenty.
  • Two Tiny Prints 5 of 10
    Two Tiny Prints
    Play it safe by using two tiny prints in a similar hue! The result is ultra sweet!
    Photo by Aestherlily.
  • Repeat a Color 6 of 10
    Repeat a Color
    Even if you can't keep the entire outfit to one color, consider repeating one. Here, the navy blue repeats, to keep the outfit pretty subdued. She also broke up the patterns with a belt.
    Photo by Sessun.
  • Add a Neutral Piece 7 of 10
    Add a Neutral Piece
    Keep the patterns on top and then pair with simple jeans or plain colored pants!
    Photo by Kendi Everyday.
  • Two-Tone Ensemble 8 of 10
    Two-Tone Ensemble
    Here, there are basically two colors in the whole outfit, and the patterns are small. It's sweet and charming and not too overbearing.
    Photo by Sessún.
  • Keep Accessories to a Minimum 9 of 10
    Keep Accessories to a Minimum
    Since this floral skirt is incredibly bold, she opted for no jewelry.
    Photo by Shop Les Nouvelles.
  • Have Fun! 10 of 10
    Have Fun!
    It's just clothing! If you want to go crazy and mix up florals with gingham or stripes and break all the rules, you should. As long as you feel comfortable, and confident, that's all that matters! Here, Jenny of Wiksten was super brave mixing a gingham with a small floral. I think it helped that she kept the colors pretty neautral but I admire her bravery! It looks like a fun outfit to wear!
    Photo by Wiksten.

Top photo: Sessun.  All other photos from respective sources. 

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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