I Have A Love Hate Relationship With My Duvet

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Do you use a duvet/down comforter and duvet cover? I’ve been using them since I married (a whopping 15 years ago) and love them. They’re super cozy and make for a comfy, beautiful bed. Plus, you can change out the cover when you’re ready for a new pattern or color. Brilliant!

Except when they’re not brilliant. Which is every morning of your life.

Because the corners of the duvet will have moved around in the night. And you’ll spend the first 10-20 minutes of your day swearing at the duvet under your breath as you try and shift it back into place. Or. You’ll do what I do on busy mornings. You’ll leave the duvet + cover heaped in a pile on the floor and let your kids play in it while you brush your teeth.

Happily, ChezDuvet promises to make your mornings easier. Keep reading to find out how.ChezDuvet uses a technology called CornerKeepers on all their comforters and covers. It’s a really simple concept. A really simply, genius concept. The corners of the comforter split open like a little mouth and and grab the corner of coordinating covers. Velcro seals the deal. From what I hear, using this technology, a duvet cover can be put on in less than one minute. And once it’s in place. It stays in place. Check out the diagram:

duvet cover chezduvet cornerkeepers

I can’t wait to see this concept implemented in my favorite bed linen lines. In the meantime, maybe I’ll retrofit the ones I already own.

P.S. — I’m not the only one that thinks CornerKeepers is a great idea. It was named a finalist for Best New Product at NY International Gift Fair.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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