10 Clever Ways to Display Your Kids Artwork

  • Curtain Rod Hanging System | $30 1 of 10
    Curtain Rod Hanging System | $30
    Like a clothesline for kids’ art, this simple and affordable hanging system from Ikea lets you clip freshly painted creations onto the curtain rod for easy drying. Seen on Oh Dee Doh Get the hanging system from Ikea
  • DIY Mismatched Child Gallery Wall 2 of 10
    DIY Mismatched Child Gallery Wall
    Paint a few mismatched thrift store frames the same color and hang them on the wall for an eclectic display. Switch up the artwork in the frames when new pieces come in!
    Seen on Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Lil DaVinci Art Cabinet | $24.98-$34.98 3 of 10
    Lil DaVinci Art Cabinet | $24.98-$34.98
    This convenient frame doubles as a cabinet to store up to 50 pieces of artwork, keeping every drawing and collage in one tidy place for easy access!
    Get it from Hearth Song
  • Do Frame Tape | $17 4 of 10
    Do Frame Tape | $17
    No need for hammer and nails with this decorative framing tape &mdash just stick it around your kid’s latest masterpiece, no matter how big (or oddly-shaped!) it is.
    Get it from Droog Design
  • Acrylic Box Frames | $2.05-$15.75 5 of 10
    Acrylic Box Frames | $2.05-$15.75
    These clear plastic box frames won’t break when tossed by a toddler and require no hardware to add or remove photos. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes from 4”x6” to 16”x20”.
    Get it from Archival USA
  • DIY Chalkboard Hallway 6 of 10
    DIY Chalkboard Hallway
    Turn a hallway into a drawing space by covering large sections of the walls with chalkboard paint. Your kids can doodle and erase as they wish!
    Seen on Susanna Salk's Room for Children
    Get the chalkboard paint from Home Depot
  • nexxt Little Artists Childs Magnetic Frames | $11.99, Set of Two 7 of 10
    nexxt Little Artists Childs Magnetic Frames | $11.99, Set of Two
    These black magnetic frames are covered in playful neon-colored doodles for an easy and adorable fridge display.
    Get it from Meijer
  • Instant Masterpiece Blowup Frame | $8.99 8 of 10
    Instant Masterpiece Blowup Frame | $8.99
    This inflatable frame puts a fun twist on its ornate, gilded design. Plus, kids will love helping you blow it up!
    Get it from Brooklyn 5and10
  • DIY Magnetic Wall 9 of 10
    DIY Magnetic Wall
    If you’d rather keep the fridge clutter-free, layer an accent wall with metallic paint so you can hang artwork with small magnets.
    Seen on Raising Olives
    Get the magnetic paint from Lowes
  • DIY Clipboard Wall Art 10 of 10
    DIY Clipboard Wall Art
    Hang a series of clipboards on the wall for an ever-changing gallery of art and photography. Decorate the clipboards with scrapbook paper or leave them as is!
    Seen on Laura Winslow Photography

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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