IKEA Predicts Our Future with Their 2025 Concept Kitchen

Though we may fight with our hubbies as we enter the beast that is IKEA, we’ve always had a soft spot for the store. Where else can you get really anything home decor under one roof, for a fair price?!

With all their out there designs, it’s no wonder that they already have a kitchen of the future planned. Their Concept Kitchen 2025 recently launched during a Milan design event, and we’re pretty excited about the future as they see it!

This is what cooking will look like in 2025 according to the designers at IKEA:

Table for Living
The kitchen table is the moneymaker. It helps you through the whole cooking process, and belongs in a scene from Minority Report. Place a few ingredients onto the surface, and meal suggestions will appear based on what you already have in your kitchen.

We don’t exactly know how this next part works (maybe in the future we have magic?), but you pick a cookbook recipe, note how long you want to spend on it, and the table selects the ingredients based on a “cook it yourself” or “quick and easy” setting. Once ingredients are placed on the cutting board, it will tell you how to prep each, and take you through the measurements with a built in scale. It also acts as a stove and place to keep food and beverages warm. Plus, you can actually record cooking sessions and share them with your friends and family. What?!

Other benefits? It charges devices, and lets your kids artwork and activities come to life. This one we’re worried about. Though we love the concept, the same spot for warming dishes and where kids play? It’s an accident waiting to happen!

Image Source: IKEA

Say Goodbye to Fridges
The design team thinks that bulk grocery trips will be a thing of the past. They created self-refrigerating containers, because robots will be delivering small quantities to us in minutes. That would be so cool!

Image Source: IKEA

Green Living
A composting system will be built into this kitchen that will conserve water and waste. For instance, it will use leftover water for the dishwasher or to feed indoor plants. Something we can get behind!

This kitchen concept is all super exciting, but we can’t help but consider that it’s all just wishful thinking, like another Back to the Future (… oh, our hoverboard envy). And if this does change from concept to reality, can they make it just a little more easy on the eyes? Where it’s at now, it reminds us of a cross between our kid’s play kitchen and our husband’s garage workstation. Here’s hoping!

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