In Celebration of Baby Boys: The Mustache

Happy Friday, everyone! Any plans for the weekend? It’s going to be a low-key one here in the Horton house, simply enjoying the (much needed!) thunderstorms here in New York. There might also be a bit of Internet browsing, seeing that two of my closest friends have upcoming baby showers — both having baby boys! Us moms of boys know the sheer, heartwarming joy of watching a baby boy mature into a mini man — vrooming cars, pounding drums and disassembling everything and anything. But when it comes to baby boy gifts — eh.

I’m all for gender neutrality (baby dolls, musicals and the color pink are fully encouraged), but sometimes it’s fun to express the I’M HAVING A BOY! excitement with a uniquely male gift. While there are oodles of options for expressing a budding femininity, the Y chromosome is reduced to monster trucks, sports and blue, blue, blue.

So in celebration of baby boys, let us hail the mark of a gentleman: the mustache. Facial hair is sprouting on every baby item imaginable — onesies, bibs, toys, you name it — and here are some of my favorite picks from for our little lads.

(Photo via 9Gag by Alexander Crispin)

Forget powder-blue bunnies and baseball bats, decorate your baby boy’s nursery with a unique — and educational! — poster that exudes a refined masculinity. (From Sugar Fresh.)

How adorable is this mustache onesie from Handsome Howard?  You don’t have to dress him in blue to avoid the insensitive “Is it a boy or girl?” question from strangers.

They even make mustache crayons over at Zeebree — chunky enough for little hands; cool enough for any gender.

This lovely — and quite funny — teether can be found at Chunky Chooky’s.

An oversized mustache adds masculinity to the plush doll. This handmade frenchman named Monsieur Fournier is made from vintage 1970’s fabric and felt. Find him over at The Circus Master.

Even hand puppets are sporting the ‘stache. I just love the vintage vibe from these old-fashioned bathers (named Henri and Lord James), hand-sculpted from paper mache and clay. (Buy them at Sweet Bestiary.)

A few weeks back, Gabrielle mentioned this utterly adorable wooden teether from the shop Little Alouette (one of our Top 50 Etsy Moms!), but it’s too cute to not include in this round-up as well. Read more about this incredible natural-toy shop here.

Let’s not ignore the vast mustache varieties, many of which are illustrated on this hand-printed bib from Sneaky Owls.

And lastly, if you’re in need of “man-ing up” a rather neutral or boring baby item, just stamp on a ‘stache. I love these hand-carved rubber stamps from Skull and Cross Buns.

Now go hug your little gentlemen — they’ll be growing facial hair of their own before we know it. (Gulp.)

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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