Inside C. Wonder: 12 Holiday Look Book Items I’m Drooling Over

Becoming a fan of C. Wonder wasn’t hard. After all, the store is less than a block away from the Babble offices in Soho and I’m “forced” (riiight) to walk into through the big, green doors everyday en route for my 2 PM Diet Coke. Last year, they opened their flagship store on Spring Street and just this month, they unveiled their brand new shop in Columbus Circle (Spot me in their promotional video chewing gum like a crazed maniac!) and both are beautiful. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:





We’re talking colored zebras! (P.S. that’s C. Wonder’s founder, Chris Burch!)

Hanging teacups!

aaaaand color, color, COLOR:

It’s fabtastic. (Fab + fantastic.) So when the fine folks at C. Wonder asked if I wanted to preview their holiday lookbook at their HQ, I grabbed my fashionable co-worker & ย work wife, Dara Pettinelli, and we sprinted over to the corner of 25th & Broadway. Needless to say, the collection didn’t disappoint. Below are just a few items I had to be physically dragged away from.ย โ€”Andrea Zimmerman, Manager of Blogs & Social Media at Disney Interactive

  • Heart’s Desire Velvet Slippers 1 of 11
    Heart's Desire Velvet Slippers
    Don't you just want to slip on these cozy shoes after a long day and sit by a fire with a blanket? I do!
    Buy them here for $128
  • Houndstooth Dessert Plates (set of 4) 2 of 11
    Houndstooth Dessert Plates (set of 4)
    Holiday carbs don't count when you're eating off a pretty plate, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Buy them here for $48
  • Classic Silk Blouses 3 of 11
    Classic Silk Blouses
    People, I cannot get enough. I have one in blue & one in black. So comfortable, so chic and they can easily be dressed up or down. Pair it with a chunky necklace (like this one !) and you're SET. I'm currently eyeing this printed, tie-front one. Swoon!
    Buy them here for $98 each
  • Enamel Initial Cuff 4 of 11
    Enamel Initial Cuff
    A perfect pop of color to add to any outfit -- A on one hand, Z on the other; what do you think?
    Buy it here for $48
  • Patterned Logo Ballet Flats 5 of 11
    Patterned Logo Ballet Flats
    Walking around NYC in heels is excruciating. These patterned flats are a perfect alternative for my crazy-long walk to the subway -- and they work for the office, too!
    Buy a pair here for $98
  • Contrast-Tipped Cardigan 6 of 11
    Contrast-Tipped Cardigan
    Up unti about a year ago, I used to dress in all black, all the time. I'm past that weird phase, thank god, so I'm loving these bright cardigans. Also, our office is so chilly I have to sit next to a space heater, so this is a great solution to have on-hand.
    Buy it here for $78
  • Heart on your sleeve shetland crewneck | $68 7 of 11
    Heart on your sleeve shetland crewneck | $68
    Hearts make me happy because they remind me of high school doodles.
    Buy it here for $68
  • Pretty in Patterns Mug 8 of 11
    Pretty in Patterns Mug
    A pretty way to feed your (er, I mean my) caffeine addiction. And to make sure nobody else uses your coffee mug. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Buy it here for $10
  • Brown Riding Boots | $298 9 of 11
    Brown Riding Boots | $298
    These would totally be a splurge, but OMYGOSH LOOK AT THEM. I want to curl up and make a home in these boots. Please join me.
    Buy a pair here for $298
  • Whimsical Cheese Board | $28 10 of 11
    Whimsical Cheese Board | $28
    I've been known to throw a mean wine & cheese party back in my day (okay, last week), and this would be such a fun display item! Brie & riesling, anyone?
    Buy it here for $28
  • Earrings in Tree Formation 11 of 11
    Earrings in Tree Formation
    This was a new item (so new they didn't have stock images yet) but how great for a gift? And I can vouch, after owning three pairs, C. Wonder knows how to do a classy earring at a reasonable price.
    Buy them here

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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