25 Instagram Photos That Will Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is just a few days away, so we know you’re in the chaotic midst of decorating the house, getting costumes sorted out, and stashing away hoards of candy to hand out. The holiday can definitely be stressful, so to keep you in the spirit, we’ve rounded up 25 adorably festive Instagram photos that just scream Halloween. From pets in costumes to spooktacular crafts, we’ve got it all! Happy haunting! — Erin Lebar

  • 25 Instagram Photos That Will Get You in the Halloween Spirit 1 of 26
  • Sneaky Superhero 2 of 26
    1- Aimee Bourqe

    Looks like we caught Captain America during some downtime, having fun in a big ‘ol pile of leaves. What could possibly encapsulate Halloween and fall more than that?
    — Photo by Aimee Bourque, @aimeebourque, Simple Bites

  • Day at the Circus 3 of 26
    2- Kelle Hampton

    We are loving this circus-themed group costume! Never has a strongman been so adorable.
    — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @etst, Enjoying the Small Things

  • Dine If You Dare 4 of 26
    3- Dariela Cruz

    These Halloween placemats will be a welcome addition to your kitchen décor this season. Mix and match to make a fun and spooky table setting!
    — Photo by Dariela Cruz, @darielacruz, Mami Talks

  • Pumpkin DIY 5 of 26
    4 - Charlie Capen

    This tiny Jack Skellington pumpkin is the perfect project for little hands. All you need is some paint, a small gourd, and maybe a pair of watchful eyes to keep the mess in check.
    — Photo by Charlie Capen, @howtobeadad, Babble blogger

  • Not-So-Scary Decor 6 of 26
    5 - Lisa Leonard

    Add some twinkle lights to your front door for a slightly less spooky Halloween display. We love the varying pumpkin sizes and placements Lisa used in this set-up.
    — Photo by Lisa Leonard, @LisaLeonard, Lisa Leonard Blog

  • Pirate’s Life 7 of 26
    6- Heather Sievers

    Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of … juice? Beware: this pirate may be small, but he could very well be a loose cannon!
    — Photo by Heather Sievers, @diningindisney, Babble blogger

  • Polka Dot Pumpkin 8 of 26
    7- Rachel Shingleton

    This polka dot pumpkin DIY is the perfect quick way to get in the Halloween spirit. All you need is a Sharpie marker and you're all set!
    — Photo by Rachel Shingleton, @pencilshavings, Pencil Shavings

  • Batty Art 9 of 26
    8- Rachel Denbow

    Looking for a spooky piece of Halloween art to add to your collection? You can make this batty DIY piece in no time at all.
    — Photo by Rachel Denbow, @smileandwave, Smile and Wave

  • Baby Bear 10 of 26
    9- Mandy Morrison

    We know, we know — this is a cuteness overload! We couldn't resist including this absolutely adorable little cub in our Halloween round-up.
    — Photo by Mandy Morrison, @teammandy, The Haps

  • Witchy Wears 11 of 26
    10 - Tonya Staab

    The details on this witchy costume are just awesome! Complete with sinister eyebrows, mole, and black lipstick, this spooky little gal is sure to get lots of treats on Halloween.
    — Photo by Tonya Staab, @tonyastaab, Create-Celebrate-Explore

  • Scary Treats 12 of 26
    11 - Sarah Pinnix

    These pumpkin and Frankenstein marshmallows are as cute as they are delicious. And displaying them in a jar of candy corn? It can't get any more festive than that!
    — Photo by Sarah Pinnix, @reallifesarah, Real Life

  • Sugar Skulls 13 of 26
    12 - Nicole Presley

    Sugar skulls are the perfect way to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Nicole has decorated hers with beautiful bold colors, and has posted instructions so you can too!
    — Photo by Nicole Presley, @presleyspantry, Babble blogger

  • Treat Boxes 14 of 26
    13- Jen Hadfield

    What a stylish way to share Halloween goodies. These treat boxes are the perfect gift to give to your guests after a raucous Halloween bash.
    — Photo by Jen Hadfield, @tatertotsandjello, Tater Tots and Jello

  • Deadly Dinner 15 of 26
    14 - Lauren Hartmann

    Did you see those claw salad spoons? Amazing. If this table setting doesn't get you into the Halloween spirit, we don't know what will!
    — Photo by Lauren Hartmann, @thelittlethingswedo, Babble blogger

  • Haunted House 16 of 26
    15 - Monique Frausto

    There are some seriously scary faces carved into the pumpkins at this Knott's Berry Farm haunted house. We're not sure we'd be brave enough to venture into that slanted shanty.
    — Photo by Monique Frausto, @moniquefrausto, Babble blogger

  • Boo Bananas 17 of 26
    16 - Catherine McCord

    Bananas have never looked so ghostly and delicious. Try making these super easy treats for your little ones this Halloween, and watch the ghosts disappear before your eyes!
    — Photo by Catherine McCord, @weelicious, Babble blogger

  • Marbled Pumpkins 18 of 26
    17 - Liz Stanley

    We are loving these marbled pumpkins! All it takes to create this simple DIY are some white gourds and a bunch of old nail polish, and you'll have décor you can use all season long.
    — Photo by Liz Stanley, @yestohoboken, Babble blogger

  • Pumpkin Patch Kid 19 of 26
    18 - Krishann Briscoe

    Never has anyone been so excited to be surrounded by pumpkins. Hopefully she didn't try to take all of them home!
    — Photo by Krishann Briscoe, @hismrshermr, Babble blogger

  • Dog in Bees Clothing 20 of 26
    19 - Jenny Ingram
    Is there anything cuter than a dog in a bee costume? The answer you're looking for is "no."
    — Photo by Jenny Ingram, @jennyonthespot, Jenny on the Spot
  • Glittery Gourds 21 of 26
    20 - Meagan Shemenski

    What is Halloween without a little pizazz? Make these DIY glittery pumpkins to add some sparkle to your Halloween décor.
    — Photo by Meagan Shemenski, @fairlyfabulous1, Fairly Fabulous

  • Mouthwatering Monsters 22 of 26
    21 - Casey Mullins

    We cannot get over how adorable these chocolate monsters are! Your kids will have a blast helping you make these scrumptious ghouls for Halloween.
    — Photo by Casey Mullins, @mooshinindy, Babble blogger

  • Mantel Dress-Up 23 of 26
    22 - Alison Faulkner

    From the graveyard cut-outs in the back to the "Halloween" sign up front, this is the perfect seasonal display.
    — Photo by Alison Faulkner, @thealisonshow, Babble blogger

  • Bon Appétit! 24 of 26
    23- Ilana Wiles

    Looks like this little chef is busy making some Halloween treats!
    — Photo by Ilana Wiles, @mommyshorts, Babble blogger

  • Amigurumi Pumpkin 25 of 26
    24 - Marie LeBaron

    Amigurumi is Japanese for a small knitted or crocheted stuffed toy, like this little pumpkin, which is just perfect for season.
    — Photo by Marie LeBaron, @makeandtakes, Babble blogger

  • Cat-o’-Lantern 26 of 26
    25 - Jacinda Boneau

    While we think this cat-o'-lantern is quite remarkable, its feline doppelganger seems less than impressed.
    — Photo by Jacinda Boneau, @prudentjacinda, Babble blogger


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