Introducing: BALD Bratz and Moxie Dolls

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Beautiful and Bald Barbie Facebook campaign, started by two moms (Rebecca Sypin and Jane Bingham) hoping to have Mattel make a Bald and Beautiful Barbie. Whether for young girls undergoing chemotherapy, or just young girls coping with their mother’s/relative’s/friend’s hair loss from cancer, having a bald Barbie could help normalize the experience and provide support.

Even with all of the news coverage and a growing community of almost 150,000 Facebook fans, Mattel didn’t jump on board. So MGA stepped in.

Introducing the new TRUE HOPE dolls:

Under the umbrella name “True Hope,” Bratz (MGA’s popular fashion-driven dolls) and Moxie Girlz (their younger, less controversial dolls) will introduce three bald dolls each — both girls and boys — in June.

I saw these dolls yesterday at the Toy Fair in New York, and I think it’s an incredible move for MGA. They basically saw how much need and want surrounded this idea and wanted to help these kids. They wanted to support this cause. And even though it’s not an iconic Barbie, the Bratz name isn’t far behind.

The MGA rep also showed me the bravery bracelets that each doll will come with, to match the bravery beads necklaces that so many children wear. (Each time a child undergoes a cancer treatment like chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, they receive a Bravery Bead to add to their necklace. Seeing the length of some of these necklaces is heart-wrenching.)

The True Hope dolls will be available at Toys ‘R Us in June, and MGA will donate $1 for every doll to City of Hope cancer research.

I think we should all buy one of these dolls. Whether it’s for a child battling pediatric cancer, a child of a cancer patient, or just for your own child — to normalize the image in your house. Buy a doll and donate it to a local cancer center. Buy a doll to help.

And who knows — maybe Barbie will be next.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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