iPad 2 Release: The Most Disappointing Apple Announcement Yet?

Once again, Apple is set to make another (huge! huge! huge!) announcement and the world awaits breathlessly on the edge of our office chairs.

Except we pretty much know exactly what they’re going to say, just like the giant Verizon iPhone announcement.

All of the major sources — from respected tech blogs to giant mainstream media outlets — are reporting that Apple will, in fact, release their new iPad 2 today. But the question is: Will it really knock the nerdy socks off anyone?

Here’s what we can expect from the Apple announcement:

  • The iPad 2 will be “sleeker and slimmer” than the first iPad.
  • While Apple lovers were hoping that the iPad 2 would have a retina display like the iPhone 4, rumor has it that the iPad 2 screen will look blandly similar to the current iPad.
  • Most sources are guessing that the iPad 2 will have two front- and rear-facing cameras (possibly with a camera flash) and will support FaceTime video conferencing.
  • Could the new iPad possibly come in white? The Washington Post says it might be so.
  • There’s some rumors that the iPad 2 could be smaller than the current iPad, as to compete with other tablets on the market. However, Steve Jobs has publicly called out these smaller tablets as “dead on arrival”, so probably not.
  • Other smaller rumors floating around include: a bigger speaker, an SD card slot, a landscape docking port and Thunderbolt input/output port.

But at the end of the day, these are all rumors. We won’t really know anything until the Apple announcement later today, but basically everyone is in agreement that the new iPad 2 will be faster (with a multi-core A5 processing chip) than the current iPad. And like CNN said, the announcement will be “nothing major.”

Without a fancy new screen or any other big announcements, will a faster processor really be worth the splurge? Or will you hold out for the iPad 3?

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