It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Summer!

I know it’s only February. And there may still be snow on the ground around here (with more forecasted for this week). Hush! Let me pretend summer is around the corner!

And actually, it IS already time to start planning those outdoor spaces. It’s hard to beat IKEA when it comes to outdoor furniture. Durable, stylish, and affordable… what more can you ask for? Below is a look at the 2012 outdoor line. Get planning, because these things always sell out once the warm weather is actually upon us!

  • SUNDERO Seating 1 of 28
    SUNDERO Seating
    This one was inspired by the chair an IKEA designer made for his own home.
    IKEA, $99.99-149
  • SUNDERO Deck Chair with Footstool 2 of 28
    SUNDERO Deck Chair with Footstool
    Find a sunny spot for this one.
    IKEA, $149
  • SUNDERO Dining Table, Bench, and Chairs 3 of 28
    SUNDERO Dining Table, Bench, and Chairs
    Gather round this table for casual, relaxed outdoor dining.
    IKEA, $99.99-249
  • ENHOLMEN Chaise Lounge 4 of 28
    ENHOLMEN Chaise Lounge
    If you're looking for a modern, airy lounge, this one will be hard to beat for the price.
    IKEA, $139
  • ENHOLMEN Seating Area 5 of 28
    ENHOLMEN Seating Area
    Arrange and rearrange to your heart's content.
    IKEA, $59.99-99
  • VÄRMDO 6 of 28
    A clean and simple rocking chair, in red or black.
    IKEA, $129
  • SOLVINDEN Solar/Wind-Powered Lanterns 7 of 28
    SOLVINDEN Solar/Wind-Powered Lanterns
    These lights will run on solar and wind power!
    IKEA, $14.99
  • SOLVINDEN Solar-Powered Fairy Lights 8 of 28
    SOLVINDEN Solar-Powered Fairy Lights
    So sweet.
    IKEA, $19.99
  • SOLVINDEN Solar-Powered Lighting 9 of 28
    SOLVINDEN Solar-Powered Lighting
    Fun and festive, and no plugging in necessary.
    IKEA, $14.99
  • SOLVINDEN Solar-Powered Lighting 10 of 28
    SOLVINDEN Solar-Powered Lighting
    These would be amazing illuminating a path, or tucked away in the garden.
    IKEA, $14.99
  • GRENÖ Cushions 11 of 28
    GRENÖ Cushions
    New cushions are always a nice way to spruce up what you may already have.
    IKEA, $9.99-14.99
  • GRENÖ Cushions 12 of 28
    GRENÖ Cushions
    Stripes ahoy!
    IKEA, $9.99-14.99
  • FALSTER Stool, Table, and Chairs 13 of 28
    FALSTER Stool, Table, and Chairs
    The FALSTER line is made of artificial wood, so it will stand up to all kinds of weather.
    IKEA, $29.99-89
  • FALSTER Dining Table, Armchairs, and Benches 14 of 28
    FALSTER Dining Table, Armchairs, and Benches
    All-weather dining with a convincing wood look.
    IKEA, $55-175
  • FALSTER Chaise Lounges 15 of 28
    FALSTER Chaise Lounges
    So inviting, and I love the black and white stripes!
    IKEA, $169
  • ROXÖ and JOSEF 16 of 28
    ROXÖ and JOSEF
    So colorful! I love the bright pink and yellow additions to the usual black and white choices.
    IKEA, $
  • ROXÖ Deck Chair 17 of 28
    ROXÖ Deck Chair
    This looks so inviting and cute.
    IKEA, $59.99
  • ROXÖ Stools 18 of 28
    ROXÖ Stools
    Stackability makes it easy to have multiples on hand.
    IKEA, $12.99
  • JOSEF Cabinet 19 of 28
    JOSEF Cabinet
    If you need some outdoor storage, this is a cute option.
    IKEA, $44.99
  • IKEA PS VÅGO Chair 20 of 28
    IKEA PS VÃ…GO Chair
    Pretty in pink, and weatherproof in plastic!
    IKEA, $29.99
  • HÖGSTEN Chair 21 of 28
    HÖGSTEN Chair
    Here's a great spot to sit and read a book, and the footstool can be turned around to tuck it away.
    IKEA, $39.99-$89.99
  • AMMERO Bar Table and Stools 22 of 28
    AMMERO Bar Table and Stools
    Frost-resistant tempered glass and sleek mesh chairs make for a stylish spot for eating.
    IKEA, $49.99-99.99
  • AMMERO Seating Area 23 of 28
    AMMERO Seating Area
    I have these sectional seats on my front porch, and they're fantastic.
    IKEA, $79.99-139
  • ÄPPLARO Collection 24 of 28
    ÄPPLARO Collection
    Solid wood at affordable prices. Nice.
    IKEA, $24.99-139
  • ÄPPLARO Stool 25 of 28
    ÄPPLARO Stool
    Let this stool pull double-duty as a seat or an end table.
    IKEA, $24.99
  • ÄPPLARO Reclining Chair 26 of 28
    ÄPPLARO Reclining Chair
    Substantial enough to stand on its own, but great as a dining chair, too.
    IKEA, $59.99
  • ÄPPLARO Storage Bench 27 of 28
    ÄPPLARO Storage Bench
    A wall panel, shelf, and storage bench combine forces to become amazing.
    IKEA, $9.99-129
  • ÄPPLARO Seating Area 28 of 28
    ÄPPLARO Seating Area
    Well now. If this doesn't look like the comfiest, most inviting little area…
    IKEA, $29.99-109

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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