9 Shark Week Party Ideas and DIYs

There’s nothing like breaking up the summer holidays with a little bit of geeky fun! Shark Week is here and with movies like Sharknado and Jaws, we can’t get enough of it. Are your kids going crazy over it, too? Then it’s time to throw a little shark party. (I know we’re about ready for something to celebrate over here!) Check out our slideshow featuring party ideas and DIYs to get you inspired!

1. Shark Cupcakes : Treat guests to a fun assortment of shark and beach cupcakes.

2. Shark Ice Cube Molds: Make some scary shark fins for drinks with these resin shark fin molds.


Find them on Amazon for $9.95

3. Watermelon Shark Head: Make this fun watermelon shark carving DIY with gummy fish and all!


4. Shark Costume: Get in the shark spirit with this fun DIY costume!


5. Shark Gummies: Make a stick of shark kebabs with a few gummies!

Find the 5 lb. bag from Candy Warehouse, $19.50

6. Shark Cake Topper: Go big or go home with a large and very scary cake topper!

Find it at Sweet and Edible on Etsy, $32

7. Shark Skirt: Host your kid’s Shark Week party while wearing this Jaws-inspired skirt!

Find it at Nerd Alert Creations on Etsy, $45

8. Shark Cookies: The only thing terrifying about these shark cookies is knowing that the cookie tray will eventually be empty.

9. Shark Cookie Cutter: Use these cookie cutters to make everything from JELL-O sharks to shark-shaped PB&J sammies.

Find them at The Cookie Cutter Shop for $1.65

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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