The New Kate Spade Spring Collection is Here!

I always like to see what’s new from the Kate Spade camp, but this time around? I am seriously in love. Kate Spade, plus one of the most iconic prints from Florence Broadhurst, mixed with cute, feminine clothes and liberal doses of tangerine and pink? Oh my.

You can check out the full spring collection below, and watch the video too.

  • Japanese Floral Cameo Dress 1 of 24
    Japanese Floral Cameo Dress
    Everything about this is just perfect, and I've long been a fan of that Broadhurst floral pattern.
    from Kate Spade, $498
  • Robin Heels 2 of 24
    Robin Heels
    Now that's quite a shoe, yes?
    from Kate Spade, $328
  • New Bond Street Ettie 3 of 24
    New Bond Street Ettie
    So petite, so sweet, but with a killer lining. It comes in orange too.
    from Kate Spade, $248
  • Japanese Floral Pearl Drop Earrings 4 of 24
    Japanese Floral Pearl Drop Earrings
    Pearl earrings with a bit of a lacy black edge.
    from Kate Spade, $78
  • Octagonal Statement Necklace 5 of 24
    Octagonal Statement Necklace
    I love a good statement necklace. Don't you?
    from Kate Spade, $328
  • Tretorn Trey Sneakers 6 of 24
    Tretorn Trey Sneakers
    Comfy and chic? That's a winning combination.
    from Kate Spade, $98
  • Japanese Floral Medium Suitcase 7 of 24
    Japanese Floral Medium Suitcase
    Now, to keep the airlines from mucking it up…
    from Kate Spade, $828
  • Grand Street Kaley 8 of 24
    Grand Street Kaley
    Perfectly boxy and prim, but surprise! It's line with colorful sketched stripes!
    from Kate Spade, $318
  • Alda Sunglasses 9 of 24
    Alda Sunglasses
    Kate's take on aviators.
    from Kate Spade, $128
  • Graceann 10 of 24
    If the cute glasses don't get you, the case will.
    from Kate Spade, $128
  • Broome Street Colored Jeans 11 of 24
    Broome Street Colored Jeans
    I love a good pair of bright pink skinny jeans.
    from Kate Spade, $198
  • Darian Jacket 12 of 24
    Darian Jacket
    Wouldn't this be perfect over those bright skinnies?
    from Kate Spade, $528
  • Baublebox Bib Necklace 13 of 24
    Baublebox Bib Necklace
    These look like candy. Pretty, pretty candy.
    from Kate Spade, $278
  • Angelique Sunglasses 14 of 24
    Angelique Sunglasses
    Yummy pink and orange, and the cutest retro cat's eye shape!
    from Kate Spade, $128
  • Alathea Sunglasses 15 of 24
    Alathea Sunglasses
    The pattern on the inside is a nice touch.
    from Kate Spade, $148
  • Japanese Floral Austin Dress 16 of 24
    Japanese Floral Austin Dress
    A simple shape showcases the print so well.
    from Kate Spade, $398
  • Robin Heels 17 of 24
    Robin Heels
    Hot orange for spicy mamas.
    from Kate Spade, $328
  • Toe the Line Idiom Bangle 18 of 24
    Toe the Line Idiom Bangle
    Yellow and white enamel stripes are a cheery choice.
    from Kate Spade, $58
  • Hopper House LIttle Shyla 19 of 24
    Hopper House LIttle Shyla
    This one comes in black too, but the colorful version is more fun!
    from Kate Spade, $289
  • Siren Dress 20 of 24
    Siren Dress
    This is one of my favorites from the collection. It's just so darn pretty.
    from Kate Spade, $448
  • Topliner Trench 21 of 24
    Topliner Trench
    Ooh, that contrast piping. And the lining? Nice.
    from Kate Spade, $698
  • Kate Spade Thin Bow Belt 22 of 24
    Kate Spade Thin Bow Belt
    A bow, a lot of shine, and your choice of orange or black.
    from Kate Spade, $78
  • In the Spotlight Idiom Bangle 23 of 24
    In the Spotlight Idiom Bangle
    White enamel with black polka dots and gold plating are cute. A secret message inside makes it even cuter.
    from Kate Spade, $58
  • New Bond Street Florence 24 of 24
    New Bond Street Florence
    Available in 4 colors, all with that Broadhurst lining.
    from Kate Spade, $448

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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