Keep 'Em Hydrated-SIGG Water Bottles For Kids

When the warm weather hits, do your kids walk around with water bottles or use the kitchen sink/hose? Mine do some of both. For water bottles, I favor SIGG. They’ve been around for ages and make lots of great-looking options.

In addition to good visual design, I like SIGG because the aluminum bottles are non-toxic (no leaching plastic), meant to last a super long time, and even my little kids can twist the nozzle open and closed. Plus, they line the interior, so you can put any liquid in there (juice, milk, you name it) and it won’t taste that way the next day when you fill it with something else. Then, when it has reached the end of its life, a SIGG bottle can be totally recycled. Awesome!

What kind of reusable drink containers do you use for your kids? Have you ever tried a SIGG?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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