Kid Crafts For Fall: 21 Ways To Get Creative

Fall provides plenty of inspiration when it comes to arts and crafts for kids, which is why I thought it would be fun to gather together a few of my favorites. The acorn owls above are so darn cute (and easy too), see all the details here from DIY Projects For Kids.

Click through the gallery below for 21 more great ideas!

  • Canvas Tree Art 1 of 20
    Canvas Tree Art
    Love this creative idea - have your kids create hangable art installations using found sticks as inspiration.
    details here from The Zui Blog
  • Pinecone Swag 2 of 20
    Pinecone Swag
    Pinecones provide endless crafting possibilities. Break out the tempura paints and make a woodsy swag like this.
    details from Disney Family Fun here
  • Pressed Leaves 3 of 20
    Pressed Leaves
    Take a nature walk and gather some beautiful fall leaves, press them onto scrapbook paper or whatever and frame. Easy kid created fall decor.
    via Kasia Crafts
  • Hand Print Tree 4 of 20
    Hand Print Tree
    What kid doesn't like to get their hands dirty? Dip them in paint to create their very own fall tree.
    details from A Little Tipsy here
  • Leaf Print 5 of 20
    Leaf Print
    More fun with tempura paint! Collect some cool leaves and use them to make one-of-a-kind prints.
    via Katie Brown Blog
  • Leaf Wreath 6 of 20
    Leaf Wreath
    Lots of great projects using fall leaves! Make a festive wreath arranging leaves in interesting layers and patterns.
    via Martha Stewart
  • Handprint Owls 7 of 20
    Handprint Owls
    These cut owls come together pretty quick with an extra set of hands, *wink!
    instructions from Meet The Dubiens here
  • Apple Stamp Bunting 8 of 20
    Apple Stamp Bunting
    Apple season is in full swing! Cut a few in half and use them as stamps to make this fall bunting.
    tutorial here from Multiples And More
  • Pine Cone Turkey 9 of 20
    Pine Cone Turkey
    Get out the glue and help your little one make their own Tom Turkey.
    details here from Projects For Pre-Schoolers
  • Pumpkin Bird Feeder 10 of 20
    Pumpkin Bird Feeder
    I imagine this doesn't last too long, but it might be a good way to use up those carved pumpkins after Halloween!
    details from Martha Stewart here
  • Paper Bag Owl 11 of 20
    Paper Bag Owl
    Print out this owl template and have your child help cut and paste to make this cute goodie bag!
    find it here from Rock Paper Scissors
  • Salt Dough Leaves 12 of 20
    Salt Dough Leaves
    Salt dough can be so much fun, use it to create unique leaf imprints, then bake and paint.
    details from That Artist Woman here
  • Squash Bowling Pins 13 of 20
    Squash Bowling Pins
    Overflowing with squash and gourds? Use some spares to create a fun lawn bowling game for your kiddos, guaranteed to be a hit!
    details here from Martha Stewart
  • Tissue Paper Fall Leaf 14 of 20
    Tissue Paper Fall Leaf
    Nothing more intensive here than tissue paper pieces and contact paper.
    details here from All Kids
  • Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow 15 of 20
    Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow
    Here's a cute craft for the younger crowd! Turn your empty tp rolls into cute scarecrows.
    details here from Busy Bee Crafts
  • Falling Leaves Handprint Tree 16 of 20
    Falling Leaves Handprint Tree
    Here's a different take on a handprint tree. Have your child use their arm as the trunk and branches and add thumbprints for leaves.
    via Walking By The Way
  • Paper Bag Owl Puppet 17 of 20
    Paper Bag Owl Puppet
    Super easy and so much fun!
    via While She Naps
  • Leaf Lanterns 18 of 20
    Leaf Lanterns
    Mod Podge is so great! Use it and some pressed leaves to create these fun lanterns with your littles.
    details from Twig and Toadstools here
  • Pinecone Hedgehog 19 of 20
    Pinecone Hedgehog
    This is maybe a little advanced but fun nonetheless. And who doesn't like playing with modeling clay?
    details from Kiddley here
  • Owl Pendant 20 of 20
    Owl Pendant
    This cute pendant can be made using stuff you probably have around the house already. Super fun and wearable too!
    details from Small Hands Big Art here

Check out more fall craft for kids –DIY designs and templates included!

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