16 Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Activities

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When we think of New Year’s Eve, fancy attire, crowded parties, and staying up until midnight usually come to mind. But not for the under-four-foot crowd (or for us parents, for that matter).

But that doesn’t mean your family celebration has to be boring. Here are 16 kid-friendly activities to do with your youngins this year. Prepare to find lots of fun ideas in 3 … 2 … 1 …

1. Countdown to the “Noon” Year

If your kids just can’t keep their eyes open until midnight, have your own countdown to 12 PM instead. Throw on their favorite movies, or have them choose one of Netflix’s kids countdowns. They’ll love celebrating the New Year with their favorite characters (whatever the time).

2. Make some (not-so-noisy) noisemakers

Image Source: Classic Play
Image Source: Classic Play

Before the celebration officially starts, have your kids make their own noisemakers to shake when the clock strikes 12. (via Classic Play)

3. Cheers with mocktails

Image source: Sheri Silver
Image source: Sheri Silver

Since our tots can’t clink glasses of champagne, make these Pop Rocks mocktails so they can join in on the fun. (via Babble)

4. Have a dance party

Create a mix of fun songs, and ring in the New Year to the beat of your favorite tunes. (Bonus points if they were all made in 2016!)

5. Craft a countdown clock

Image Source: Buggy and Buddy
Image Source: Buggy and Buddy

Have your kids turn these sparkly arrows as the hours tick by to 2017. (via Buggy and Buddy)

6. Watch football

The college football playoff semifinals is a great way to spend the holiday, for kids who can’t stay up too late. Make some yummy snacks with them, like the below, and you’ve got the perfect NYE celebration for the whole family to enjoy.

7. Make pull-apart pizza bread

Enjoy a twist on pizza with this easy-to-make pizza style monkey bread.

8. Make your resolutions

Image Source: Thirty Handmade Days
Image Source: Thirty Handmade Days

Review the past year and look forward to the future with this printable. It will also make a great keepsake to look back on. (via Thirty Handmade Days)

9. Enjoy these edible sprinkle spoons

Image source: Sheri Silver
Image source: Sheri Silver

A fun activity and treat, these edible spoons will out-color your New Year’s Eve confetti. Plus, they pair perfectly with hot cocoa. (via Babble)

10. Make an aspirational collage

Give your kids a stack of magazines and have them cut out pictures or words of things they want to do, see, or be in 2017.

11. Create a wishing wand

Image Source:
Image Source: One Artsy Mama

This is a cute and creative way for your kids to share their New Year’s resolutions. (via One Artsy Mama)

12. Play New Year’s Eve bingo

Image Source: Capturing Joy
Image Source: Capturing Joy

This is a fun game for the whole family. Try to get four in a row to be the champion of New Year’s Eve. (via Capturing Joy)

13. Have a family slumber party

Get into those comfy pjs, build a fort with sheets, and pop in a good movie for a fun night in.

14. Snack on confetti Oreo pops

Image source: Sheri Silver
Image source: Sheri Silver

This is a festive (and easy) treat that your kiddos will have fun making and eating! (via Babble)

15. Bake some sparkle cookies

Image source: Sheri Silver
Image source: Sheri Silver

Add some sparkle to your New Year’s celebration with these pretty and yummy cookies. (via Babble)

16. Play “guess the resolution” game

See how well you know your family members: Have everyone write down their resolution on a small piece of paper. Collect, mix them up, and guess whose is whose.

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