7 Easy Ways to Make a Small Kids Room Seem Way Bigger

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Maybe it’s because I lived so long in a Manhattan shoebox or the fact that I love a good design challenge, but working within a small space is my jam. It forces you to get creative and pare down to the essentials.

And while I don’t have any plans to jump aboard the tiny house train, I think limited space is a design dilemma we can all relate to with one room or another.

Most often we encounter this challenge with a child’s bedroom or playroom, so I put together a few creative ways I like to make those tiny spaces shine.

Image source: Ethan Allen | babble

1. Use a basic color palette.

Start with one wall color and sprinkle in a few accent colors with the accessories. This will make the room feel more open. I personally love white for children’s rooms because it provides a clean backdrop that allows for their artwork to really pop.

2. Add built-in storage.

No one knows how to fill a room with clutter better than our tiny humans. Sure, storage is key when creating any room, but the stakes are highest in a kids room. A life-size stuffed animal plus a few hundred LEGOs can feel claustrophobic, so opt for built-in storage solutions to keep the room tidy.
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Image source: Ethan Allen | babble

3. Pick multifunctional décor.

Whether you’re using a storage unit that doubles as a desk or a rug that transforms into a game board, add pieces that serve more than one purpose.
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4. Create a gathering spot.

Even in a small space, it’s essential to include an area for conversation. My son and I always gravitate towards the reading nook in his room. For many, adding a trestle table can create a gathering spot that grounds the room without taking up too much space. Plus, it’s great for crafts, reading, homework, you name it!
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5. Choose stow-away seating.

More seating is always a plus, but clunky chairs can leave little space left for play. Cute stools like these can easily be tucked beneath a craft table or desk to create more play space when not used.
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6. Maximize outlets.

Outlets are likely in short supply in a small space, and while a power strip is an option, it’s not the most attractive solution — not to mention, it can take up valuable real estate. Form definitely meets function on this lamp with a base that boasts two USB ports for convenient charging (even when turned off). It’s also large enough to give off a good amount of light without taking up too much desk space — another must for small rooms!
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Image source: Ethan Allen | babble

7. Utilize wall space.

In a smaller room, floating shelves, corkboards, or wall organizers can offer unexpected storage. Just remember the rule of threes — arranging them in odd-numbered groups — to keep everything visually interesting. These fun containers would work well above a desk. And as an added bonus, little ones can practice sorting art supplies and small toys into each one.
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