Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

My least favorite room in the house is undoubtedly the kitchen. I spend as little time as necessary in there. I like cooking when I have the time, but there are so many things I dislike about the process. Things take way longer or are more complicated than you think they should be. Take cutting corn off the cob, for example. My husband and son hate eating it on the cob because it gets stuck in their teeth. Totally understandable, right? My process wastes precious corn. Enter the Corn Stripper: easy, mess-free, and wasteless.

Fortunately, there are other such kitchen companies that are constantly innovating, and thus, fantastic gadgets are being born to make our time in the kitchen better spent and more enjoyable. Here are just a few genius gadgets to get you started!

Pot Minder 1 of 7
This ceramic pot minder will rattle in the bottom of the pot when the water is about to boil, serving as an audible reminder. It also prevents spillovers — a dream come true!

Get this pot minder from Stonewall Kitchen, $3.95
iPad Food Scale 2 of 7
How awesome is this? It links up with your iPad and features a smart scale, interactive cookbook, and more. It's like having a sous chef (who's really good at math)!

Get this iPad food scale from The Grommet, $99.95
Ice Cream Bowls 3 of 7
I'm sure we've all experienced ice cream melting before we are even close to being finished. These freezable bowls keep it at the right temperature.

Get these bowls from That Inventions, $14.99
Adjustable Rolling Pin 4 of 7
A rolling pin that will adjust in size, depending on how thick or thin you need the dough ... such a brilliant and useful idea!

Get this rolling pin from Williams-Sonoma, $19.95
Clip-On Spout 5 of 7
Skip the colander and use a clip-on spout to get rid of all that water! This little gadget can even be used to pour cupcake batter into cups or separate fat from meat. It's so brilliant, helping make cleanup easy peasy.

Get this clip-on spout from The Grommet, $9.95
Cherry Pitter 6 of 7
We have one of these and let me tell you, come cherry season it is our favorite gadget. It easily removes and collects the pits, while keeping the cherry intact ... how perfect!

Get this cherry pitter from Williams-Sonoma, $29.95
Corn Stripper 7 of 7
In one swift motion, you can remove all the corn from the cob — a corn lover's dream! You'll never have to deal with those annoying pieces of stringy cob in your teeth ever again.

Get this corn stripper from Kitchen Krafts, $27.50
Article Posted 2 years Ago

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