Labor Day for Two, Please.

Labor Day is fast approaching, which always tends to have a “last hurrah” mentality surrounding it. The closure of summer, freedom, sun dresses and vacations — but I don’t see it like that. I see everything that’s coming: crisp air, crunching leaves, scarves, boots, sweaters, fires…

And although Labor Day was historically created to celebrate work and get people back into the daily grind, us Americans have always taken the three-day weekend as an excuse for BBQs, festivals and family day trips.

But we think you should do the exact opposite of the traditional family-friendly Labor Day with these 5 autumn-anticipating, love-rekindling date ideas:

1. Make it a parents-only affair.

Sure it’s the kids’ last real holiday before their school routines set in, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a blast at Grandma’s, right? If we’re going to interpret Labor Day as a time to avoid anything laborious, then let’s give ourselves a real break, pre-parenting style. Ship off the little ones for a day of decadence and enjoy some one-on-one alone time with your sweetheart, reconnecting and relaxing. If you think a date night here and there is healthy, imagine an entire day (weekend?) devoted to replenishing your original love. All you need are open windows, a hushed house and maybe some massage oils like the ones from Marmalade Hills, above.

2.  Dress up…in anything but white.

Don’t succumb to that archaic fashion rule. You have many months left of white-wearing ability, don’t worry. (This black dress is from My Lola Fashion.)

3. Go apple picking, just the two of you.

Once kids are born, apple picking becomes a go-to family activity of hay rides and basket lugging. But what better way to celebrate your relationship — as well as the upcoming fall season — then to traipse around an apple orchard, laughing, playing and reminiscing. So while everyone else is mourning the loss of summer, you’ll be welcoming in the new chillier season. (Buy this apple print from Honey and Jam Photos.)

And then when you get home, an afternoon in the kitchen together — with stolen kisses at the stove — is a great opportunity to keep the conversation going. Plus, a great autumn-like apple recipe (like these Puffed Apple Pancakes) is an easy way to remind the entire family that there is, in fact, life after summer.

Plus, any excuse to wear a sexy little apron (Anthropologie) never hurts.

4. One frozen hot chocolate, two straws.

Combine your remembrance of summer with your anticipation of winter in one incredibly delicious glass. (You can thank the lovely Family Kitchen’s Julie for this one.)

5. Pull out the warm blankets.

Because who knows the next time the two of you can sit down and watch an entire movie from start to finish without a “Mom, Tyler won’t let me…” and a “Dad, can you get me a…” interrupting you. So grab your frozen hot chocolate, apple pancakes and your favorite cozy blankets (like the incredible hand-crafted heirloom blanket above) and imagine the leaves are already starting to change.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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