Labor Day Rebellion: 12 Ways to Wear White After Labor Day

There are plenty of standard “fashion rules” that are now common-place to break: black + brown or navy, mixing patterns, mixing metals, etc.

But the one rule that people have a hard time breaking is white after Labor Day. Maybe you find yourself staring at a pair of white shoes, wondering Should I? Can I? What about white skirts? Are those safe?

Despite years of rule breaking, the Fashion Gods have now deemed white after Labor Day not only admissible, but fashionable. “Winter White” was seen all over the runways for Fall 2012 — with models dressed from head to toe in snowy white — and it’s one of the many fashion trends set for Fall.

If you’re still having a hard time giving into the “white after Labor Day” idea, here are 12 easy and fashion-forward ways to wear white after Labor Day:

  • White Silk Trousers 1 of 12
    White Silk Trousers
    Printed silk trousers, like these from Zara, are one of the hottest Fall 2012 trends, and it's an easy way to sneak white into your after-Labor Day wardrobe.
    Purchase at Zara for $79.90
  • White Tuxedo Pants 2 of 12
    White Tuxedo Pants
    Tuxedo pants are quite popular for Fall/Winter 2012, and an acceptable way to wear white pants after Labor Day.
    Purchase at Bloomingdale's for $198
    Free People, $49.95
  • Hint of White 3 of 12
    Hint of White
    For those dipping their toe in the White After Labor Day look, just add a white stripe to your tuxedo trousers.
    Buy from J.Crew for $128
  • White Floral Pants 4 of 12
    White Floral Pants
    "Fall Florals" is another big Fall 2012 trend, and another fashionable way to layer a pattern over white pants.
    Buy from Madewell for $135
  • White Pants (Gasp!) 5 of 12
    White Pants (Gasp!)
    These are no summery white pants, folks. These Stella McCartney pants, made from wool, are meant for the chillier weather.
    Purchase from NET-A-PORTER for $685
  • White Dresses 6 of 12
    White Dresses
    White or not, this dress screams Autumn. Pair it with darker leggings for a more traditional look.
    Purchase from Madewell for $168
  • White Patterned Skirt 7 of 12
    White Patterned Skirt
    Although a white pencil skirt is perfectly acceptable for Winter 2012, ease into the look by layering a pattern over top, like this skirt from the J.Crew Collection.
    Purchase from J.Crew for $595
  • White Sweaters 8 of 12
    White Sweaters
    This Fall is all about cozy sweaters, including wintery white.
    Purchase from H&M for $29.95
  • White Sweaters 9 of 12
    White Sweaters
    Or add a little white to your outfit with an open cardigan.
    Purchase from Piperlime for $69
  • White Button-Downs 10 of 12
    White Button-Downs
    A classic choice, no matter the season.
    Purchase from Zara for $59.90
  • Clock-blocked Shoes 11 of 12
    Clock-blocked Shoes
    You might be on board with white sweaters and dresses, and possibly even pants, but then there's the shoes. It's the one "white after Labor Day" no-no that's been drilled into our heads: no white shoes. While I think it's fine to just go ahead and wear white, an easy way to side-step your reluctance might be to color-block with a darker color, like black.
    Purchase from Piperlime for $150
  • White Coats 12 of 12
    White Coats
    Whether it's a Fall trench, winter wool, or white leather, a "winter white" coat will look stunning this season.

    1.H&M, $79.95
    2. Target, $24.98
    3. Nordstrom, $118.90
    4. Nordstrom, $98

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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