Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It always seems like even when I start thinking about costumes in September, October 30th is here in no time and I find myself stumped about what to dress my kids up as. Last year at the eleventh hour, I dressed my oldest up as a lumberjack with clothes he already owned, I just added a make-up beard and a toy axe.

In the spirit of last minute (but still awesome costumes) here are 10 costumes that could come together in a pinch with things you’ve either got on hand or can probably find at almost any store.

  • I’m a Lumberjack 1 of 10
    I'm a Lumberjack
    For this costume, pull out a plaid shirt, jeans, suspenders (or fashion some from ribbon) and a stocking cap. Add a make up beard and a toy ax if you can find one.
    Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day
  • Clark Kent 2 of 10
    Clark Kent
    Sure, superman is a great costume, but going with his alter ego Clark Kent is more clever—since it's easier to pull together. For this costume, you'll need a superman logo t-shirt (or you'll need to made one—try printing a superman logo on an iron-on transfer) some nerdy glasses, and an outfit from your little one's closet with a button up shirt. Leave the button up shirt undone, and voila! Clark Kent!
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  • Rub-a-dub 3 of 10
    This costume would take a bit of time to put together, but with a bag of white balloons, some safety pins, and a couple bath toys, you'll be ready to go. Pick a neutral outfit, blow up the balloons to various sizes, and pin them (through the tie part) to the shirt. As an optional extra, a laundry basket, cardboard box or other large container could serve as the tub, but I think it would be just as cute without.
    Photo Source: Quick&Simple
  • Cole for President! 4 of 10
    Cole for President!
    With elections already dominating the headlines, this one would be really timely. Again, the base of the costume is a normal dress-up outfit, then you'd just need to do some quick computer work to make a campaign sign with the name of your choice and attach it to a paint stick or ruler. The buttons could be paper cut-outs or stickers if you have some label stock on hand.
    Photo Credit: Care2
  • Mummy 5 of 10
    Sure, a mummy is a pretty classic last minute costume idea, but I've never seen such a cute version before. Grab a roll of gauze from the medicine chest and layer it over an existing pair of pants, the top half of a long-sleeve onesie, and a knit cap. A few safety pins and knots should keep it in place. Just make sure it's removable for any mid evening outfit changes.
    Photo Credit: Di Coke/Super Lucky
  • Risky Business 6 of 10
    Risky Business
    This take on Tom Cruise from Risky Business is perfect for two reasons. First, it's entirely too easy (long sleeve baby button-up, white socks, adult sunglasses and you're set) and second, what baby doesn't love being half-dressed?
    Photo Credit: Mama Mandolin
  • Rocket Man 7 of 10
    Rocket Man
    This is a slightly more advanced costume idea, but it's using pretty simple supplies that you probably already have, and the tutorial provided make it seem completely manageable.
    Photo Credit: Sewing in No Mans Land
  • Cut Out Tee 8 of 10
    Cut Out Tee
    I love the versatility of this idea—while the skull looks great, the possibilities are endless. This would be an especially good choice for mom, just pick an old shirt, sketch a design on the inside (use chalk for a black shirt) and grab your scissors.
    Photo Credit: Cut Out + Keep
  • Team Zissou 9 of 10
    Team Zissou
    If you're looking for a costume to make your friends giggle more than your kid (because let's be honest, sometimes they are just too little to care) this Team Zissou costume would go gangbusters. Baby blue onsie, red stocking cap and done.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Dwight from The Office 10 of 10
    Dwight from The Office
    This is another gratuitous for-parents costume, but come on, it's SO hilarious and cute—and easy at the last minute. Black pants, button up shirt, adult sized tie from Dad's closet, big glasses, parted hair and a name tag. Done.
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