Learn Something New: 10 Crochet How-to Basics

Crochet is becoming super cool and trendy these days. It’s no longer just for Granny. It’s time to pick up a crochet hook, grab some yarn, and learn a fun new craft.

Here are 10 crochet how-to tutorials for learning the basics of crochet I’ve written over at Make and Takes. I’ve just recently learned myself, so you’ll be hearing first hand how it went for another beginner. You can do it, I promise. Turn on your favorite chick-flick and you’re all set.

  • 10 Crochet How-to Basics 1 of 11
    Crochet How-to Basics
  • Choosing the Right Yarn for Crochet 2 of 11

    The first step in crocheting is deciding on which skein of yarn you want! There are all kinds of colors and textures. Learn more about that over at Make and Takes

  • Getting Hooked on Crochet 3 of 11

    Your crochet hook will be with you throughout the entire project, so you want to make sure if fits and feels good in your hands. Find out how to choose the right one over at Make and Takes

  • Mastering the Basic Stitches of Crochet 4 of 11

    Once you get the hang of the basic stitches you will be hooked on crocheting! Here are some instructions on the basic stitches. Find the instructions over at Make and Takes.

  • Finishing Your Crochet Project 5 of 11

    After all the time you put into your crochet project, make sure to finish it strong! Read about how to add boarders and make it look pretty and perfect over at Make and Takes.

  • 7 Simple Crochet Tips for Beginners 6 of 11

    Here are some simple tips for all the beginner crocheters out there. Trust me, these are things you want to read before you start. Find the tips at Make and Takes!

  • Learning to Finger Crochet with Kids + Video 7 of 11

    If you find your kids wanting to crochet with you, have them try finger crocheting! It's great way to get those young people started. Learn an easy way to crochet for little hands over at Make and Takes.

  • Simple Scarf Crochet Pattern + Video 8 of 11

    Scarves are the perfect crochet beginner project! Make and Takes has my step by step process on a simple scarf pattern. You'll be making these for all your friends for the holidays!

  • Crocheting a Chain Stitch Snake 9 of 11

    This is a foolproof crochet project that your kids will love to play with when it's all done! The chain stitch snake pattern can be found at Make and Takes. It's all too easy!

  • Crochet Hearts for Loved Ones 10 of 11

    Crochet these little hearts and send some love to a friend, family member, or a neighbor. Find this cute pattern over at Make and Takes!

  • For the Love of the Granny Square 11 of 11

    I love the granny square style of crocheting! It is super fun to learn and there are so many different patterns and colors you can add to it. The instructions are over at Make and Takes!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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