Lingerie for Girls: Cute or Controversial? Weigh in…

I recently spotted this new French line of “loungerie” for girls ages 4-12 over on Fashionista and Jezebel. While the articles of clothing themselves seem rather innocent and cute (though I do wonder, does a 4 year old need a bra?), it’s the over-sexualized images that have me a bit concerned. In fact, while the images of girls in silly poses dolled up like adults feel wrong, it’s the images from the adult line that really rub me the wrong way – photos of grown women in lingerie playing with stuffed animals, acting like little girls. Am I prudish, or is this inappropriate? Take a look at some photos from the Jours Après Lunes’ collection and let us know what you think in the comments…

  • Is this an appropriate pose for a girl? 1 of 6
    Is this an appropriate pose for a girl?
  • Do girls need bras? 2 of 6
    Do girls need bras?
  • Cute or absurd? 3 of 6
    Cute or absurd?
  • Innocent enough? 4 of 6
    Innocent enough?
  • Fun or inappropriate? 5 of 6
    Fun or inappropriate?
  • This is an adult? 6 of 6
    This is an adult?
    This picture disturbs me more than the others because it is from the adult line - why is she hugging a teddy bear and acting like a child?

Check out the full collection at Jours Après Lunes.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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