Living Large: The 25 Biggest (and Most Expensive) Houses in the World

We recently shared 25 Amazingly Tiny Houses, where owners pared down to the essentials and by doing so, created peaceful spaces that exemplify the ideals of eco-friendly living, simplicity, and modern style. Now we’re taking a look at the world’s biggest homes, where no expense is spared and every luxurious whim is fulfilled — from odd (Candy Spelling’s room dedicated to gift wrapping) to oddly intriguing (at Bill Gates’ house music knows where you are and follows you from room to room). These homes offer features you didn’t know you wanted and could definitely live without. One owner thought a 2-car carport might feel a bit cramped so he gave himself a 6-floor parking garage. These are only a couple of the extravagant details that come with having one of the 25 Biggest (and Most Expensive) Houses in the World …

  • Antilla, Mumbai 1 of 25
    This 400,000 square foot home contains a 6-floor parking garage that, as of now, nobody uses.
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  • Time to Boogie 2 of 25
    You would never have to leave this Connecticut mansion because it even has a nightclub inside.
    Check it out at Global Grind
  • 90210 Pays Off 3 of 25
    Besides the massive size, the Spelling Mansion is also famous for its gift wrapping room.
    Check it out at People
  • If Only It Had More Rooms 4 of 25
    This 2,152,782 square foot palace contains 1,788 rooms with 257 bathrooms.
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  • For a Queen 5 of 25
    Windsor Castle contains the famous, Queen Mary's Doll House, which uses electricity and running water.
    Check out Windsor Castle at Royal Collection
  • Villa Leopolda, France 6 of 25
    Villa Leopolda has 50 gardeners to tend to the 20 acres of land.
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  • Ira Rennert’s Mansion 7 of 25
    This little chateau has a total of 39 bathrooms. Imagine decorating all of those.
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  • Who Is That Guy with Microsoft? 8 of 25
    Oh yeah, Bill Gates. In his home you never have to leave your music behind because it follows you from room to room on hidden speakers.
    Check it out at Bill Gates Microsoft
  • Maison de L’Amitie, Palm Beach, Florida 9 of 25
    Formerly Donald Trump's home, this house can fit 50 cars in the garage.
    Spotted at CNBC
  • Hala Ranch 10 of 25
    Getting ready for date night would be taken to a whole new level with a barbershop and beauty salon in your home.
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  • Going Big in Canada 11 of 25
    Although it's a fixer-upper, this 65,000 sq. foot home comes complete with a boat house that could fit a 40 foot yacht.
    Find out more at The Globe and Mail
  • Citizen Kane Comes to Life 12 of 25
    While visiting Hearst Castle make sure to take a peek at the Indoor Roman Pool that holds 205,000 gallons of water.
    Check it out at Hearst Castle
  • Pride and Joy of Beverly Hills 13 of 25
    You and 49 of your friends could curl up and watch a movie in the Fleur De Lys Estate's 50-seat screening room.
    Find out more at LA Curbed
  • Updown Court 14 of 25
    Let loose in Updown Court's private bowling alley.
    Check it out at Daily Mail
  • Promised Land 15 of 25
    As Oprah likes to call it, her Montecito Estate is surrounded by over 600 rose bushes. I wonder which is her favorite.
    Find out more at Forbes
  • You Know the Legend 16 of 25
    Bran Castle is frequently associated with the famous legend of Dracula.
    Find out more at Bran Castle
  • Michael Dell’s Abode 17 of 25
    Michael Dell of Dell Computers lives in this mansion, along with his many house plants that are worth about $135 million.
    Spotted at House & Architecture Design
  • Sparkling White 18 of 25
    In order to keep The White House looking so crisp and white they must use 570 gallons of paint to cover the outside.
    Find out more at The White House
  • Made of Glass 19 of 25
    The Toprak Mansion has both a glass bridge and a glass elevator. I don't think I'd want to use either.
    Find out more at Forbes
  • Tranquility 20 of 25
    One of the staircases inside Tommy Hilfiger's mansion is a replica of the grand staircase in the Titanic.
    Spotted at Forbes
  • Mega Mansion 21 of 25
    This 49,300 square foot mega mansion has its own hairdressing area and arts and crafts room. What more does a girl need?
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  • Check Out the Pool 22 of 25
    Tom Brady's new home comes complete with a lagoon-shaped swimming pool.
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  • No Need for Vegas … 23 of 25
    ... When you have a casino built inside your home.
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  • Ever Heard of the Vanderbilts? 24 of 25
    George Washington Vanderbilt had The Biltmore Estate built in 1895. It still houses the most visited winery in America, even above Napa.
    Spotted at Asheville Cabins.
  • What More Do You Need? 25 of 25
    This Victorian Villa comes complete with theater, sauna and panic room.
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