Lookin' Good! 14 Bloggers Share Their Effortless Beauty Tips

Moms, if we’re lucky, have about 10 minutes to get ready for the day. But just like everyone else, we get tired of our look and want to change things up every now and then. (Case in point: our very own Monica Bielanko recently decided to chop off all her hair.) So we asked our team of bloggers, and fellow moms, for their beauty tips and tricks. What we got were product recommendations, hair styling ideas, and more. You can check them out after the jump! Then tell us in the comments: What’s your #1 beauty tip?

  • Heat-free Curls 1 of 14
    Heat-free Curls
    "I did a post on Baby's First Year that provides a how-to for my favorite new mama hair trick for easy, soft waves. I use a process called 'no heat curls,' which requires a special headband and about 5 minutes. Better yet, it requires 0 hair spray. Once I take the headband off, I use Biosilk Hair Serum to smooth out the curls.
    -Melissa Jordan of Baby's First Year and Dear Baby
  • Bacon Fat 2 of 14
    Bacon Fat
    "I'm a grown-up who still uses Lipsmackers — I hate the taste of heavy lip gloss! When I was taping my TV show, It's Just Food, the makeup artist would run on set and reapply gloss every few minutes, and it tasted awful. One day, I stopped her and grabbed the small ramekin of bacon fat I had stuck in the fridge the previous day. I applied some to my lips with my fingertip, and voila! Everyone was happy. It looked and tasted great!"
    -Julie Van Rosendaal of Family Kitchen and Dinner with Julie
  • Pomade 3 of 14
    "Short and choppy or razored haircuts crave texture. Without texture, short layered cuts tend to look Bieberesque. Try Enjoy's Creamy Pomade and all your texturey dreams will come true. And one more thing, pomade is entirely different than gel. Gel is not your friend; in fact, it's your mortal enemy."
    Lori Garcia of Babble Kids, MomCrunch and Mommyfriend
  • Color 4 of 14
    "A little color on the lips and cheeks go a long way. I'm a mother to 4 little ones, all under 7 years old. I rarely have much time to get ready in the morning. My go-to in a minute routine includes a bit of NARS "Orgasm" blush on the cheeks, and some COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipcolor and Fresh Sugar gloss over my lips."
    Emily Elling of Being Pregnant and DesignHER Momma
  • Make Up Forever HD Powder 5 of 14
    Make Up Forever HD Powder
    "I discovered HD powder when a saleswoman accosted me at Sephora. She put a drop on the back of my hand and I was hooked. It totally changes the texture of your skin and makes it super smooth and silky. Plus it's translucent so there is no weight to it at all. I now use it to polish off my look but more importantly, the powder makes my makeup stay in place all day including my eyeliner and mascara, which always used to spread. I also use it in my hair as a dry shampoo on days when I don't have time to wash it.
    -Ilana Wiles of Toddler Times and Mommyshorts
  • Waves 6 of 14
    "I'm a hair girl. My favorite product is a hair shine by Joicobecause it smoothes the curls and it's light on my hair, not greasy. I also can't live without my Hot Tools curling iron. I wrap my hair around the barrel so I can get larger waves. I've tried other curling irons and this one is magic!"
    Mandy Cheney of Babble Kids and mush
  • False Eyelashes 7 of 14
    False Eyelashes
    I realized the other day — with no small amount of surprise — that applying a strip of false lashes every day would actually take less time in the morning than applying mascara! Not only that, but it makes such an impact that I hardly need as much make up to feel polished and ready for the day! I now wear falsies daily, for all kinds of non-glamorous events, such as running to the drugstore, answering emails, and going to the park with my baby son. I have to tell you, I can't believe I didn't figure this out sooner.
    -Natalie Holbrook of Family Style, Toddler Times, The New Home Ec and Nat the Fat Rat
  • Primer 8 of 14
    "Always use a primer underneath your makeup. Put it on just after washing your face and before applying any foundations or powders. It will help keep your make up on longer and hide any wrinkles so you look more airbrushed. My must have is MAC Prep + Prime Skin."
    -Devan McGuinness of Babble Kids and Accustomed Chaos
  • Sock Bun 9 of 14
    Sock Bun
    "This sock bun trick, where you wrap hair from a ponytail around a cut-off sock, is genius for thin hair like mine. I love to pair it with a pretty scarf, like this one from"
    -Liz Stanley of Family Style and Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Mascara and Lip Gloss 10 of 14
    Mascara and Lip Gloss
    "I have never worn a lot of makeup but tend to feel too bare without anything on at all. So, I find that the two things I simply *must* wear each day are COVERGIRL Lash Blast mascara and Bare Escentuals Buxom lip gloss. They are the two items that transform my face — taking me from 'barely there' to fresh and present and are also affordable. I have small features, especially my eyes and lips, so it helps to draw some attention to them without going overboard for daily wear."
    Danielle Smith of Strollerderby and Extraordinary Mommy
  • Gibson Roll 11 of 14
    Gibson Roll
    "I find that I often go to this hairstyle on days when I haven't had time to wash my hair, so I like to use dry shampoo to give a little oomph, and to take care of any oil. I like John Frieda's new one, Luxurious Volume."
    -Nicole Balch of Family Style and Making It Lovely
  • Olive Oil 12 of 14
    Olive Oil
    "Who knew that your favorite beauty product could be located in the kitchen? Oil as a face wash seems counter-intuitive, but it will not cause your face to be greasy. On the contrary, healthy oils will dissolve the dirty oils that collect on your face, leaving you with clean, clear and moisturized skin naturally."
    Learn more about combining castor and extra virgin olive oil, along with tips on washing your face, here
    Shaina Olmanson of Family Kitchen and Food for my Family
  • Loose Side Braid 13 of 14
    Loose Side Braid
    "With a little one around, I'm guilty of the daily mommy ponytail so I love finding an easy up-do that requires virtually no time and over-delivers on style. Recently I've been sporting this loose side braid with a few fancy bobbie pins to hold it all in place. These from Jane Tran would be a welcome addition to my collection. And those amazing earrings? Were made by my mom!"
    -Jacinda Boneau of The New Home Ec and Prudent Baby
  • Shellac Nails 14 of 14
    Shellac Nails
    "Shellac nails are similar to a typical manicure, but the polish is long lasting. The manicure takes longer, as there are multiple layers and steps to the Shellac process, but the results are amazing. Plus, it's not like this mom can get away to the nail salon often. If I am going to spend money, I want my nails to stay pretty! Shellac is supposed to last 2 weeks, but honestly, with the french shellac manicure — mine look good at 5 weeks."
    -Molly Thornberg of Baby's First Year and Digital Mom Blog

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