Maclaren Nursery Cub Collection Review: A Simple Yet Elegant Crib That Turns Into A Toddler Bed

I don’t like cribs. There, I said it. Spending a pile of money on a piece of furniture that gets very little use for a short period of time is bad enough, but once your child gets old enough, you have to go shopping all over again for a brand new bedroom set. Such a pain!

Maclaren has found a solution to this age-old problem, and I’m happy to report that this set is one that gets my nod of approval. Thanks to fabulous designer David Netto, the Cub Collection is unlike traditional cribs in the sense that this one will take you from infancy all the way into childhood.

I had the opportunity to test out the Cub Crib as well as the Conversion Kit recently and was pleasantly surprised by a few different features….


First off, the natural beech wood offers a very clean look and organic feel, one that adds freshness and lightness to your child’s nursery. The great thing about the white and natural oak finish is that it matches with vitually everything and anything. The design is simple and elegant, offering a breath of fresh air.

Set Up, Features & Safety

Upon opening the box it was quickly evident that the quality of these pieces outshine the crib I had in the past. The crib has also been rigorously tested to meet and surpass current standards in both Europe and the US, so no worries on safety. The crib also has fixed rails and an adjustable mattress platform – no moving rails!

My husband and I were able to set the crib up without too much difficulty, although I don’t suggest doing it yourself as it is definitely a two-person job.

Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

The bed conversion kit is what makes the Cub Collection such a fabulous investment. Available for purchase separately, this kit allows you to turn your crib into an adorable, safe toddler bed. As you can see from the picture, there is no need for safety rails as the bed is already equipped with high wooden sides. If you have night time “rock and rollers,” you know how hard it is to keep your kids IN bed. My youngest daughter has a tendency to roll out of bed (every. single. night.) so this was a lifesaver!

Maclaren is known for their luxury and high-quality products, so naturally I expected the price of their crib to reflect that. Although these pieces aren’t cheap ($695 for the crib and $295 for the conversion kit) they offer more bang for your buck than a traditional crib.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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