Make a DIY Felt Board (Plus, Enter for a Chance to Win a Trip to Palm Springs!)

crafting-community-DIY-felt-board-1Have you reached that point in the summer when your kids have transitioned from post-school excitement to extreme boredom? While entertaining your little ones for the next couple months has its fair share of frustrations, it really is the ultimate time to engage in some hardcore family bonding. Try some new recipes, host some themed movie nights, or, best of all, create something beautiful together!

Crafting Community understands the joy that comes with watching your kids use their imaginations. That’s why they want to send one lucky family out to Palm Springs this October to participate in their annual crafting retreat! The three-day getaway features more workshops and crafts than you can throw a glue stick at, but one of the most consistently popular projects is their bright and colorful Felt Board. Younger kids are always fascinated with how the felt pieces stick to the backdrop, and older kids love coming up with an endless combination of designs.

You’ll be amazed how easy and inexpensive this craft-turned-decoration is to make. Click through for Crafting Community’s step-by-step instructions, and get ready to beat that summer boredom!

  • How to Make a DIY Felt Board 1 of 5

    This super easy craft is perfect for keeping little ones' hands occupied and out of a summer slump. This craft is so creative, you'll likely enjoy contributing, too!

  • Before You Start … 2 of 5
    crafting community DIY felt board 1

    ... tune into your imagination. Think about what patterns you want to create and what colors you want to feature. With this totally personalized craft, the sky is the limit!

  • What You’ll Need 3 of 5
    crafting community DIY felt board 2

    To make the Crafting Community Felt Board, you'll need:

    • Foam core (a 12" x 12" square is pictures, but feel free to get creative with size and shape)
    • A piece of felt that's larger than the foam core
    • Several scraps of felt in various bright colors
    • A ruler
    • Safety scissors
  • Create Your Shapes 4 of 5
    crafting community DIY felt board 3

    Measure and cut the felt to cover the foam so that 1 inch of overhang remains on each side of the board. Trim and fold the corners on a diagonal to avoid bulk, and glue all 4 edges securely. Using your brightly colored scraps of felt, cut multiple copies of triangles, circles, semicircles, diamonds, teardrops, and any other shapes you can dream up!

  • Arrange, Display, Enjoy! 5 of 5
    crafting community DIY felt board 4

    Now that the board and play pieces are ready, assemble a kaleidoscope pattern that incorporates whichever shapes and colors you want. There are an infinite number of spectacular combinations you can create — the possibilities are literally endless!


Learn more about how you can enter to win Crafting Community’s incredible prize package right here on Babble. Luxury pool and resort amenities, countless crafting opportunities, delicious meals and beverages — this is definitely one giveaway you don’t want to miss!

— Caitlin Morton

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