Make A Reading Nook Your Kids Will Actually Use

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For those who have kids who are at the reading age, it can be a struggle to get your kids excited about reading. I was the same way when I was a kid. I would much rather have been outside playing, or watching my favorite television show instead of reading. But I think that if parents can put a little work and imagination into it, they can easily create a reading nook their kids will actually love being in! Here are three ways to making a reading nook your kids will actually use.

1. Make it fun! There is a difference between fun and distracting. The image above is a perfect example. The wooden house decorated with fun polka dots and lighting but without any toys or other distractions to keep their attention. A fun little nook that they can just sit in and read to their little heart’s content! You could make something like this wooden house, or you cold easily make something out of a cardboard box, make a background that puts them in another place, or just hang up a few prints with their favorite book characters on them. You know your kid best, what would they love?

2. Comfortable! If your kid is comfortable, chances are they will stay their longer and read more. This can be easily achieved with a few pillows or poufs of various sizes and patterns, with a cozy rug or a beanbag chair of sorts. Of course you don’t want it to be too comfortable. Or else instead of read they just might take a nap. But would that be so terrible, really? A floor pillow like this one might be perfect.

3. Easy access! You want to make the nook just for them which means it should be very easily accessible for them. In their room or in a playroom is the perfect spot for their reading nook. Also, you will want to make their books easily accessible. There’s not much point of a reading nook if they can’t get to all the books! Make or buy some low shelving to keep all of their books on so they can easily grab a book and read away. The only real issue with them having full access to their books is they might all end up on the floor while they are still young. But that’s a fair trade, right? I love this book shelf and this one for little hands.

So what do you think? Making a reading nook seems a little easier than you might have thought!

Image found here on Pinjacolada.

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