Make DIY Tie-Dye Bandanas (and Enter for a Chance to Win a Trip to Palm Springs!)

crafting community tie-dye 1From Grateful Dead T-shirts to arts and crafts hour at camp, tie-dye has certainly made its mark throughout the years. The combination of white cotton, rubber bands, and stained squeeze bottles is sure to evoke at least one memory in your mind. This timeless craft is certainly one you need to share with your kids, but there’s just one problem: Do you really feel like dealing with that inevitable mess? Lucky for you, Crafting Community has teamed with Kid Made Modern to create a tie-dye project that gives stunning results without the colorful wreckage.

These eye-catching tie-dye bandanas are easy to make, quick to clean up, and fun to show off. And while they are a total snap to make at home, they are just a sample of the incredible DIYs your family can complete together. The Crafting Community team wants you and your kids to really let your creative flags fly, which is why they are giving one lucky family a trip to their retreat in Palm Springs this October — all expenses paid! Not only will you get to make more tie-dye bandanas, but you will also get to attend professionally led workshops, relax in the California sun, and form lasting memories with your family.

Once you give these game-changing bandanas a try, you are definitely going to want to see what else Crafting Community has to offer. So round up your supplies, have your kids ready their imaginations, and add some tie-dye brightness to your life!

  • How to Make Tie-Dye Bandanas 1 of 5

    Everyone loves the look of tie-dye, but not everyone loves dealing with the mess that comes along with this kid-friendly craft. Luckily, Crafting Community and Kid Made Modern have come up with an easy, hassle-free version of the summer camp classic. With endless display possibilities and color combinations, this craft is totally to dye for!

  • Gather Your Materials 2 of 5
    crafting community tie-dye 2

    To make Crafting Community's tie-dye bandanas, you'll need:

    • Kid Made Modern permanent markers
    • Bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol
    • 100% cotton bandana
    • Cup
    • Plastic pipette or eye dropper
    • Piece of foam core or cardboard
  • Time to Get Colorful! 3 of 5
    crafting community tie-dye 3

    Set up a flat work space using the foam core or cardboard. Place the bandana tautly over the cup, and secure it with a rubber band. Using permanent markers, draw concentric circles (like a target) using any colors you want. Note that the alcohol causes the ink to spread out, so make sure you leave some space between your circles.

    Get your eye dropper, and slowly squeeze 15-20 drops of alcohol on top of the middle circle. Repeat this process all over the bandana until you achieve your desired design.

  • Live and Let Dry 4 of 5
    crafting community tie-dye 4

    Now comes the easy part ...

    Find a flat spot for your bandana to dry. Fortunately for impatient crafters, the alcohol dries in no time at all!

  • How Will You Use Yours? 5 of 5
    crafting community tie-dye 1

    Once the cloth is dry, you can have fun experimenting with different ways to use your colorful creation. Whether you use it as a hairband, a reusable gift wrap, or even a framed artwork, this tie-dye bandana is sure to impress!


Learn more about how you can enter to win Crafting Community’s unbelievable prize package right here on Babble. Luxury pool and resort amenities, countless crafting opportunities, delicious meals and beverages — this is definitely one giveaway you don’t want to miss!

— Caitlin Morton

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